Discover The Top 10 Lighting Brands of 2023!

Today we are going to talk about the top 10 Lighting Brands around the world. There’s is so much variety of options with great designs for all tastes. Stay tuned and be amazed with these lighting design brands.

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Winner of Elle Decoration British Design Awards 2013, PINCH Design as a variety of options with cozy design for your home. Pinch is the collaboration between husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon and their studio is located in Clapham, London.

TOP 10 Lighting - Pinch Design - Beata Light

2. Calligaris
Calligaris is an Italian manufacturer of furniture and lighting, that creates eye catching lighting solutions for your contemporary home.

TOP 10 Lighting - Calligaris - Sextans

3. DelightFULL
DelightFULL lamps are a must have for any classy and vintage lover. Their unique lamps will enrich any living space.

Sinatra Floor Lamp
Discover The Top 10 Lighting Brands!

4. Bert Frank
Bert Frank lights will age and mature with you. That’s right, the brass will soften and darken throughout time.

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TOP 10 Lighting - Bert Frank

5. Art et Floritude
Hand making of decorative lights is the essence of Art et Floritude work. Inspired by 18th century, you’ll find flowery and leafy lights that remains popular throughout time.


TOP 10 Lighting - Art et Floritude
6. IQ Light
IQlight was created by Holger Strøm and is a self assembly lighting system, made up of interlocking quadrilaterals.

TOP 10 Lighting Brands - IQ Light

7. David Hunt
From classical to contemporary, David Hunt offers a choice for all interior styles. David Hunt Lighting is one of the UK’s longest surviving Lighting Manufacturers.

Matheny Family

TOP 10 Lighting Brands - David Hunt

8. Le Deun Luminaires
Electronic lighting design with low cost energy consumption is the main goal of Le Deun Luminaires.

TOP 10 Lighting Brands - Le Deun

PSLAB create lighting products that respond to the individual qualities and constraints of a space, and that are handcrafted by in-house artisans.

TOP 10 Lighting Brands - PSLABS

10. Andromeda Murano
Andromeda Murano is an Italian manufacturer of handmade glass lamps, design chandeliers and light sculptures.

TOP 10 Lighting Brands - Andromeda Murano


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