Highlights Day 1: The Top Design Trends of iSaloni 2023

The new edition of Salone del Mobile has finally started, and we are keen to share the highlights of the first day of the Italian tradeshow. Check out the top design trends of iSaloni 2023, and grab your notebook to start planning your big home renovation!

Mid-Century Design

While many design trends come and go, the midcentury modern style is well-entrenched in today’s design vocabulary. Midcentury modern style is a style of interior design characterized by a contemporary, somewhat futuristic aesthetic and an emphasis on function.

DelightFULL and Essential Home have decided to join forces, once again, and give us the chance to travel back in time to the golden years of the fifties. Visit the mid-century team in Hall 11 | Stand E 231, and see the brand new Ghibli armchair!

Soothing Neutral Ambiances

Though the word “neutral” might not exactly light a fire of instant inspiration in your mind, the fact is that neutrals have a crucial role in just about any color scheme we can think of. This incrible set of DV Home at iSaloni 2023 proves how all-neutral can be seriously soothing yet with a luxurious feel to it.

Golden Fixtures

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All-neutral ambiances are great to make golden fixtures pop even more. Matheny chandelier is definitely the crown jewel of DelightFULL’s booth on this new edition of Salone del Mobile Milano!

Biophilia Design

The appearance of the natural world, with its rich diversity of shapes, colors, and life, is universally appreciated and brings you several benefits, such as:

– Reduces stress levels – Increases productivity – Reduces sick days – Makes workplaces more attractive – Reduces pollution and cleans the air by reducing noise levels – Boosts creativity levels

You can grab a few ideas of how to rock this style at Circu’s booth!

Curved Sofas and Armchais

The curved sofa is a perfectly chic solution to this cultural shift, a vintage-inspired way to open up a room with more seating and soften the angles of spaces designed for socializing.

Kartell’s team definitely know what they are doing!

Sculptural Lighting Pieces

Choosing the most suitable lighting for your design project is one of the most important steps. The right balance between artificial and natural light can emphasize volumes and shapes, adding contrast and visual interest to a room. At iSaloni 2023 you’ll find a wide selection of lighting options, from funcional desk tables to statement lighting pieces.

Monochromatic Ambiances

Choosing a monochromatic palette could be the easiest option, as there are no worries about mixing and matching various tones. All you have to do is curate a collection of similarly colored pieces— how hard could that possibly be? Kartell simply nailed the assignment!  


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