Top 5 Most Luxury Restaurants In Moscow

Moscow can now compete with the best restaurants in Europe, (they are certainly the most expensive) and therefore keeping track of them all becomes very difficult. That is why today we present you the top 5 most expensive restaurants of this city.
Restaurant Turandot

One of the best and most luxurious restaurants in Moscow. Built from scratch in baroque style by the famous Andrei Dellos, restaurant Turandot is probably the most luxurious place in the Russian restaurant industry. Turandot took more than six years to build, cost around $50 million, seats more than 500 and has 600 on the staff. It serves the most delicious fusion of Asian and European food.

Restaurant Mario

An ancient but proven venue for billionaires. You can observe latest Ferrari models guarded by Special Police Force on the parking lot. Impressive elegant interior and simply fabulous open summer terrace. This place has been a long-term shelter for the high society, rich and famous. This is a “native” place for Russian oligarchs and politicians because only they can afford sky high prices. Chef’s generous portions will not leave you indifferent to spaghetti with prawns and beef steak with fois gras. Waiters will treat you as one and only Very Important Person and you would like to come back here just to feel like a king again.

Restaurant Varvary

Varvary is simply unique: Head Chef Anatoly Komm has created a menu based on the concept of molecular gastronomy – so the food is never quite what it seems. Varvary offers a nine-course tasting menu combining traditional dishes and contemporary techniques with spectacular results. The interior of the restaurant is suitably impressive: a dark red and black palette mixed with extravagant silver cutlery. For a dining experience that delights as much as it baffles, head to Varvary; if you’re a little worried, you shouldn’t be, the restaurant is been listed as one of San Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2011.
Restaurant Sixty

Ginza Project opened a new restaurant with a panoramic view. The main attraction of the place are breathtaking panoramas of Moscow – the restaurant named Sixty is situated on the 62nd floor of Federatsiya Tower. Now it’s one of the highest restaurants in Europe. The author of the design is Yuna Megre. The chef is Carlo Grecu, an ex-mentee of famous Alain Ducasse. The international menu of Sixty was conceived as a combination of the chef’s impressions from travelling around the world. It is mainly Russian, Italian and French cuisine and some Asian dishes.
Restaurant Pushkin

For many of Russia’s social elite, Café Pushkin is the place to go. Designed to recreate the feel of a 19th century aristocrat’s house, the restaurant has become one of the most popular in Moscow, thanks to the quality of its food, the impeccable service and excellent vodka selection. The atmosphere of pre-Revolution Russia is delightfully charming, from the flowery script of the menu to aristocratic country house décor. Pushkin is the ideal destination if you want to be treated like Russian nobility and dine like a Tsar – but book ahead, the restaurant’s popularity requires reservation well in advance.

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