Mid-Century Lighting Brands: Why DelightFULL is Your #1 Choice

DelightFULL – High-quality lighting designs & craftsmanship, all in one when it comes to mid-century lighting brands

When we mention the mid-century style, there’s plenty we have on our sleeve. While interior design trends come and go, the mid-century cosmopolitan twist has proven itself that it is here to stay. With a nostalgic feeling to it, the mid-century modern era of design has proven to be a timeless escape for any kind of design lover and if you mix high-quality mid-century lighting pieces to mix, there’s probably the best recipe when it comes to design you’ve seen in a while. And while you’re scrolling through Pinterest or just wanting a tiny escape from reality on your Instagram feed, you’ll probably find tons of pieces in lighting that capture your eye. Below, are just some of the advantages of why DelightFULL should be the first mid-century lighting brand to pop in your mind when you want stylish and timeless pieces of design in whichever project you’re working on.

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High-Quality and Handmade Lighting Pieces

Mid-Century Lighting Brands: Why DelightFULL is Your #1 Choice

Trends are waves, we all know that. But tradition isn’t. And that’s one distinguishing feature of DelightFULL – the art and design joined like no other. A fan favourite because of its high-quality lighting designs, each piece is handmade by the most skilled artisans in the field. Buy local, buy DelightFULL.



Mid-Century Lighting Brands: Why DelightFULL is Your #1 Choice

Inspired by the icons of music, the mid-century modern lighting brand achieves what no other can – the perfect mixture of design and timeless pieces. DelightFULL gathered all the big names, from Aretha Franklin to Miles Davis. Behind each piece, you can find a small piece of Frank Sinatra in a mid-century floor lamp as well as the icon Amy Winehouse with designs like no other.

Contract Collection

Mid-Century Lighting Brands Why DelightFULL is Your #1 Choice 2

With worldwide recognition comes bigger projects and bigger solutions. With a contract solution, DelightFULL has the solutions to your design project. Offering the best prices on the market, these handmade lighting pieces are perfect for bigger and better contract projects.

Ready To Ship

Mid-Century Lighting Brands Why DelightFULL is Your #1 Choice 2

As we’re listing all the advantages we need to take this into account: we’re ready to ship as we speak. If you’re wondering what this is all about, we’re here to explain! As a final customer, it means that you get your favourite piece in the blink of an eye!


Free Shipping + Lead Time

With a Ready To Ship list in hand, there’s time to get to know the lead time and the shipping. If the ready to ship list isn’t quite what you were looking for, you can always order your customized piece and it will be shipped in 6 weeks time. Which means that you’re handpicked finish with some of the most traditional arts of Portugal in hand.
When it comes to shipping, well, we have good news for you! DelightFULL has free shipping above orders 50000.

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