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Inside The Screen: Money Heist Review W/ a Little Jazz

If you don’t know the Spanish tv show that took half of the world off their seats, you’re probably living under a rock. The hit tv show that casts light onto a group of money heisters is now under its third season and this will probably make you jump with excitement and make time feel like it flies. the third season of Money Heist lives up to the higher expectations of the audience and we couldn’t be happier to tell you all about our Money Heist review.


Inside The Screen_ Money Heist Review W_ a Little Jazz

The internet loved it and the audience wanted more. Money Heist third season is a one of a kind wonder, only possible by Netflix. The third season opened as you might imagine – an ethereal island with blue waters all around and a divine life surrounding the main protagonists. But it didn’t last long. Now with some key protagonists missing, the electrical aura of the show is still there and kicking, now with a twist.

Inside The Screen_ Money Heist Review W_ a Little Jazz

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Inside The Screen_ Money Heist Review W_ a Little Jazz

The international allure of La Casa de Papel (original name) has poetry on its scripts and the subtle yet powerful acting of each actor has the audience picking up on every slight detail and finding oneself falling for origami and the charm of living under the edge.

Now with a new, bigger heist to pull off, the band of thieves find themselves under pressure, not only to save one their own but to steal what unstealable. An almost impossible heist, the team of highly skilled and temperamental thieves has now not only their lives but their team’s teammates under duress – and here’s the catch, they may not be capable of going through it.

If you’re cosy with Netflix’s TV show, then you already know that the timeline of the series isn’t linear. With a setting to die for, each quirk and details don’t go unnoticed, even in the new characters. It’s certain that the quirky and funny characters are still Denver (Jaime Lorente) and Nairobi (Alba Flores) and the drama parts are played by the Professor (Álvaro Morte).

Andi if you loved every bit of Berlin’s participation in the previous seasons, you’re going to love it even more on this instalment of the show. The allure and charisma that Pedro Alonso brings to the character of Berlin, fits into the key places of the third part of the show. From the sense of the beauty of the character to the amazing fashion sense and the overall craziness that is underlined with a sense of the ethereal, now the dead character carries the third season of Money Heist plan with love and a true sense of what passion and admiration can do – even if seems impossible.

Inside The Screen Money Heist Review W a Little Jazz
Professor Drawing Inspired by Maxi Carreras

Editor’s Choice!

We all know the refined taste of Money Heist character Berlin. In the third part of the money scheme, we find out the deep love for the jazz music of the character. From Miles Davis to Nina Simone we have the right pieces for you to get that Money Heist Feeling in Your Home!


More international than the previous seasons, La Casa de Papel has under its swings the beauty of language and how it’s wonderful fluidity can turn any subtitle into shame. The overall worldwide sensation is something you can’t turn your eyes off, even if you want to.

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