Hottest Fashion Designers in 2015


This post is all about the 2015’s hottest fashion designers – let’s be fair, after getting to know these designers’ collections, you’ll fall in love so deeply with their clothing that you won’t need to see anything else. We’ll show you the three most unconventional and original collections that you’ll see all year, I can assure you.
If you want to be into the latest fashion trends, just take our suggestions – and, of course, follow your blog for daily updates and hottest tips on how to rock these fresh, upbeat styles.
Di$count Universe
The Australian brand’s “out-of-the-box” concept gives the ever-so-classic black & white pattern an unusual touch of color. The result? The contemporary look we all aim to achieve. The brand also designs accessories such as undeware, socks, wallets and baseball caps, along with other items.
hottest fashion designers 2015 01
Kenzo is all about vibrant colors and everything out of the ordinary, really. This collection is a mix between lively colors and a more traditional vintage style. This brand is, indisputably, a trendsetter and it has gotten us used to its fresh, unique fashion trends. The brand is also very well known due to its wide range of perfumes.
hottest fashion designers 2015 02
One of the most recent fashion brands, only being created in 1983 by Franco Moschino. Andy Warhol’s paintings influence is recurrent in the brand’s 2015 collection. Moschino‘s fresh styles and unconventional clothing items are quite distinctive and we find them nearly impossible not to love. Among the brand’s vast list of works throughout the years are clothing items worn by celebrities such as Madonna and Kylie Minougue.
hottest fashion designers 2015 03

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