Artcurial Café, France
At a time when the urban design and architecture dominate the large luxury projects distributed across the globe, large groups and organizations of the industry start a race for the projects of the future. Inspired by architectural gurus, true artists are showing their talent in the design of contemporary spaces. Take a look at some of these luxury projects, covering restaurants, hotels and boutiques.
Hotel Park Royal, WOHA architects, Singapore
Hotel Park Royal - Singapore
Hotel Park Royal, Singapore2
A masterpiece of design, architecture and sculpture, it combines a cozy garden with lush undulating structure visually appealing. Guests are attracted to a luxurious experience and futurism, where garden spaces and contemporary architecture can be explored with pleasure. This WOHA Architects project won the Green Platinum Award, the highest rating for green buildings in Singapore.
21c Museum Hotel Bentonville, Deborah Berke, USA
21c Museum Hotel Bentonville, USA
The growing chain of hotels, 21c chose this city for its third position, with a new building full of light designed by Deborah Berke Partners. The mission of 21c is to rejuvenate urban centers with sophisticated hotel / boutique, which work as contemporary art galleries. The gallery spaces are elegant and modern, with high ceilings, cool tones and polished concrete floors, while the bedrooms, also designed by Berke, they offer a distinctly residential with their custom-designed furniture neutral thin.
Artcurial Café, Charles Zana, France
Artcurial Café, France
Located at the Rond-Point des Champs-Elysees, Artcurial pays tribute to Italian food and design. The interior designer / architect, Charles Zana, imagine a scenario reminiscent of the works of Gio Ponti and Ettore Sottsass, references of the 20 century design.
Artcurial Café, France
With walls covered with patterned and sofas coated with coal leather and darkened wood the restaurant is also enriched by a new glass roof and large windows, causing a flow of natural light and views of secluded gardens. The atmosphere is amazing.
Artcurial Café, Paris

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