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Tropical Vintage Style

Tropical Vintage Style 01
Tropical Vintage Style | Studiopepe is based on a conceptual approach inspired by the unexpected, and on an extensive iconographic and visionary background to create the best set design.
Tropical Vintage Style 02
This summer, the style most appreciated in interiors rooms is the jungle effect – a lot of bold and pastel colors with palm trees wallpaper and vintage furniture.
Tropical Vintage Style 03
This living room have the tropical pattern and the summer colors. Simple is the main word of new decor and the vintage furniture is the link between all of these details.
The Hitchcock rug is inspired in an English film director and producer. The horror Master and a super strict with his cast, following the same strictness of the rules of geometry leaving something for the imagination, this hand tufted piece will make your delights and it can adapt to any kind of decoration and to any interior. This lifestyle piece entirely made out in wool.
Tropical Vintage Style 04
Another living room with soft tropical style when the bold colors are on the furniture. The green element gives the fresh air and the vintage furniture represents comfort.
Tropical Vintage Style 06
Something different but in the same theme is this neutral living room with one strong color and one tropical element.
The rug is Polansky. a man who has had to endured a devastating tragedy in his life -the brutal murder of his loved one. The red lines on this white rug, are like the scars of a heart breaking story. The material used is felted wool and the technique applied to the making of this rug is a very special one that calls on Portuguese artisans, masters of handcrafting, to weave this rug by hand on an old loom.
The retro armchair is the Jobim spinning chair Inspired by the 50’s and 60’s, representing the balance between the light and the dark, as the blue or red leather contrast with its golden brass base to add a mysterious and classy touch.
Ike center table belongs to ike lamps – the reduced shapes, clean lines and lots of black the Ike Center Table truly embodies what a Delightfull piece is, an elegant look full of refinement and modernity.
The tropical element is the Ivete Palmtree. Ivete Sangalo is the tropical muse of  Brazilian Pop Culture and was also the inspiration behind this exotic light fixture. Using a mix of materials such as brass and marble, this unique light fixture can serve as table lamp or a floor lamp. Shaped like the iconic tropical Palmtree similar to the ones where notes of Bossa Nova echoed as the Girl From Ipanema walked by. Switch on the Ivete Palmtree lamp and get transported to an exotic environment.
Tropical Vintage Style 05
The last living room have more tropical elements, there is a wallpaper with jungle leafs and a lot of green plants with differents leafs. Soft colors with big windows, and simple lines at furniture describes a tropical vintage style.
You can find more furniture at Delightfull’s website, vintage and tropical pieces with history.

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