Decorex 2015 inspirations: Alhambra

Established in 1977 in Alicante, Spain, Alhambra offers collections that are sophisticated, modern and versatile providing interior designers and specifiers a comprehensive choice of fabrics for every interior project. Today, it is a reference in textiles of high quality and design.
Mixing textiles, textures and colours we create a universe of textiles that draw your soul, and fill your life with well-being. Inspiration and originality guide products for dressing each space in your life.As the exclusive UK brand distributor of Alhambra, Swaffer is delighted to introduce you to their latest and original textile designs.
They have different collections, take a look:
Allure is a luxurious collection where the traditional damask is brought to the present through modern and contemporary colours and designs. Damask was originally woven from silk and imported from Asia through Damascus, hence the name. This season, our classical collection evokes the look and intense shades of the fine silk that have been used nearly for thousand years.
Decorex 2015 - Alhambra
Injecting a hint of sensuality and refined elegance to your decor, Allure collection dives into the natural beige colour to the deep blue, dense fuchsia, exotic chartreuse and the mysterious black.
Stone Age
These natural and stunning basic collections from that brand are available in a wide variety of beautiful contemporary colours. Stone Age with 100% cotton composition is a superb and modern stone-washed collection, ideal for upholstery and general decoration to suit any space and taste.
Decorex 2015
These natural and stunning basic collections from that brand are available in a wide variety of beautiful contemporary colours. Lineage, 100% Linen composition, is the perfect choice to dress up your home with a fresh and natural feel.
Decorex 2015
This refreshing collection presents six eye-catching colour palettes that represent what is coming this spring season: Night blue, pistachio, aqua green, raspberry pink, lemon zest and warm grey.
Decorex 2015
Sapori (meaning ‘flavours’ in Italian), is them latest ode to colour innovation. It captures the essence of the spring season, characterized by its bright vivid colours that positively influence our state of mind, with a range of beautiful modern geometric forms and designs.
Decorex 2015
Country Garden
Country Garden is a romantic proposal from that brand that will bring a delightful brightness to your home, creating an oasis of calm and unrivalled beauty to seduce anyone.
Decorex 2015
The incredible variety of unique flowers in a botanical garden has inspired us to create this collection of beautiful digital prints. This double width collection includes 6 different designs that range from classical to modern floral designs, representing a very versatile collection either for curtains and general decoration as well as upholstery.
Featuring elegant and glamorous designs, Marais, a unique and chic “haute couture collection” from them has a common denominator, the colour white. This pure colour conveys freshness and light to the whole collection. White is combined with 3 different ranges of colours, from the pure black to the light earth colour and an elegant midnight blue colourway.
Decorex 2015
This French inspired collection takes its name from the streets of Le Marais, a historic district in Paris that is home to the best fashionable art galleries and museums. A place of great architectural beauty, where the old and the new coexist in harmony. Le Marais is today one of Paris trendiest neighborhoods with its rich, multicultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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