[tps_header]New Year’s Eve is in just a few days. People start making plans for the next year, thinking about their hopes and dreams that they want to accomplish.
But before that, many people choose a special place to spend the last/first night of the year.
So, we present you with a TOP 10 NEW YEARS EVE DESTINATIONS, just in case you need some last minute ideas or inspirations, or if you don’t, you can start planning the N.Y.E. for the next year.[/tps_header]
new years eve destinations
Let’s start the show with the famous Las Vegas. This city in the middle of the Nevada Desert is a great option for those who want to spend a night on the street, with thousands of people celebrating the arrival of the new year.
The Vegas Strip (the most famous avenue) is packed with tourist that drink and dance while enjoying the first moments of the new year. In terms of hotels, restaurants, etc, it is recommendable that you reserve that in advance because it is a very popular destination, and get ready to pay a lot for a dinner or a night in a hotel.

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