Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel

[tps_header]Scandinavian Style is one of the most coveted decor styles of all times.
Today we bring you this gallery with a selection of Scandinavian home design ideas using table lamps!
White, fur and wooden details are some of the elements that we love the most about this style, but there are some other features that we can choose and use.
Lighting designs are one of those things. So, see how to decorate your Scandinavian home using amazing table lamps. [/tps_header]
Scandinavian Home Design Ideas using table lamps1
Starting this gallery, we have a black table lamp, contrasting with the wooden and white details of the rest of the decoration elements.
This lighting piece makes a statement in this set because of the black color and its a great option if you want to go “outside the box”.

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