Trend of The Week: Hanna Will Enlighten Your Day!

Hanna Lighting Family is the star of the week! Get to know all the members!

Hanna is a exquisite lighting design piece, created by DelightFULL’s design team and it’s set to win your heart! On this Trend of the Week, you’ll meet the mid-century style lamp, with a contemporary twist that will change the course of your home décor! Continue scrolling to know more about it!

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Trend of The Week: Hanna Will Enlighten Your Day!

Hanna Suspension Lamp is one of the most amazing members of this family! With 5 arms and articulated shades, it’ll be the center of attention of your mid-century living room!


trend of the week

Or it can also brighten up your late diners with family and friends! A peculiar lighting design, however very versatile, and it adapts regarding the style décor and colors, as you can see by the pictures.

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This lamp is handmade by talented national artisans that use ancient techniques to create this master piece! A true work of art, that helps elevating design and craftsmanship! Handmade in brass, and aluminum, you can choose another color, finish, and size of your mid-century lamp!

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Still speaking about suspension lamps, if you want something over the top, you can go for the chandelier version of Hanna Lighting Design! You can decide how many layers and shades you want for your majestic lamp, so you can get the look you’re willing for!

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Once again, this lighting piece is totally customizable, so you can add another color, finish, number of shades and create your own lamp with its fingerprint!

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When you thought that Hanna family couldn’t surprise you any more, baam! Another lighting piece, equality elegant and sophisticated. Hanna Pendant Lamp is the ideal lighting piece when it comes to a bed side lamp or a design piece required in your special place at your living room décor.
trend of the week

Choose another color, finish, and dimensions! Be bold!

The Floor version can also be a great feature for you home décor!

The base is handmade in brass and marble, and, here, you’ll also have 4 possibilities of choosing between different types of marble.

Last, but not leas, the wall version is a great asset when it comes to contract design pieces. If you have a project in hands, Hanna Wall Lamp can be a possibility!

You can choose more than one shade and change the type of bulb!
We hope you enjoyed meeting this family. It’ll be waiting for another visit!

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