Stylish Mid-Century Interior Design

Mid-Century design, with its uncomplicated lines but bold shapes and colors, is always the right choice for your home decor. Designer Tatyana Kovalskaya, knowing that, decided to incorporate various mid-century pieces into another one of her outstanding interior designs. And the result was simply amazing!
Stylish Mid-Century Interior Design Stylish MidCentury Interior Design
The mid-century bookshelf and blue chair, and the low suspension lamp give the room a very modern and cozy vibe.
Stylish MidCentury Interior Design
In this case, the bold colors like canary yellow and teal make up the perfect mid-century modern bedroom.
Stylish MidCentury Interior Design
The vintage couch, the patterned floor, and the retro coffee tables are like match made in heaven in this inviting lounge area.
Stylish MidCentury Interior Design Stylish MidCentury Interior Design Stylish MidCentury Interior Design
DelightFULL’s Atomic Suspension Lamp, from their Heritage collection, is the mid-century piece that was missing in this super modern bathroom.
Stylish MidCentury Interior Design


Tetyana studied at London Central Saint Martins College of Art&Design and then, Concept Buro has born. The studio provides a wide range of services in the design, architecture, and civil construction fields. The staff is well known for its big experience and professionalism as well as for the fine style, the detailed approach and the complete knowledge of the market.
Stylish MidCentury Interior Design
Images © Concept BURO

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