10 Inspiring Living Room Designs with Fireplaces

Winter is not officially here yet, but the cold evenings have already made their way to us and it’s only getting colder from here on. So today we decided to gather 10 cozy living room designs with fireplaces for you to get inspired. You better start planning your winter living room decor around your fireplace!

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Photo © Euroflues
A very contemporary fireplace in a contemporary home, perfect for a winter evening, reading a nice book cuddled up with a blanket.
living room designs
Photo © Peter Fritz
A very elegant and luxurious option, this modern fireplace looks perfect in this big and wide space. Great for a Beverly Hills of Malibu mansion.
living room designs
Photo © Gianni Franchellucci
Featured on 1stdibs, this living room has on display some beautiful Italian Rococo bookcases that flank the stunning hand-worked fireplace in this room by Robert Couturier.
living room designs
Photo © Stephen Kent Johnson
This weekend home in Watermill, New York was designed by the Huniford Design Studio. James Huniford created the installation above the fireplace, which was modeled after Donald Judd and fits perfectly the traditional modern vibe going on.
living room designs
Photo © Dana Meilijson
According to 1stdibs “the fireplace mantel and ceramic tile are original to this 1901 landmark residence in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. Sheila Bridges designed the rooms as well as the custom furniture, and the chandelier is from Eileen Lane Antiques.”
living room designs
Photo © Kate Martin
Designer Jan Shower hung an Andy Warhol print of Goethe above the mantel. Marco Zanuso chairs are situated in front of the fireplace, which gives the living room the right balance and elegance.
living room designs
Photo © Peter Aaron
This house is a new build by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, but the structural details like the octagonal wooden ceiling and wide brick fireplace, make the home feel like it’s been there for decades. This is perfect for a classic winter feeling.
living room designs
Photo © Eric Piasecki
This 18th-century fireplace in Chateau du Grand-Lucé is original to the home, and it is surrounded by a mural painted by Jean-Baptiste Pillement, one of Marie Antoinette’s official painters. Can you think of something fancier?
living room designs
Photo © Scott Frances
The stone fireplace is original to this 15th-century tower on an island off Croatia, which was built as a fortress. Lucien Roberts of Rees Roberts & Partners decorated the space and designed the travertine and chrome side table, and the 1940s rush seat chair is by Charlotte Perriand.
living room designs
Photo © David Glomb
A massive stone fireplace designed by architect Peter Bohlin is the focal point of this rustic modern living room in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania.
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