Explore How To Keep A Mid-Century Feel In A Contemporary Home

Do you want to know How To Keep A Mid-Century Feel In A Contemporary Home? If yes, let’s visit this captivating house and see how its owners corporate a 1960s look into their modern house!

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Located in a village outside Bristol, this modern, stone-clad house had, before its renovation, a very cold, dark and claustrophobic kitchen with a confused layout. Because of this, owners Peter Flach and Lisa Lloyd-Flach redesigned it with clever use of retro toughes.
Mid-century feel
mid-century feel
The kitchen was moved next to the living space, with a large oval window cut into the connecting wall. With the retro orange walls and gunmetal-grey cabinets, the kitchen now has a amazing Mid-Century feel.
mid-century feel
The stairwell is one of the most dramatic features of the house with an oval first-floor landing and purple walls and doors that matches the front door.

The bedroom has a glazed box bay window overlooking the countryside with a mesmerising view.

mid-century feel
Upstairs is another retro space, clad entirely in raw strawboard. This makes the room cosy and workmanlike with full of Mid-Century Feel

Cork floors and exposed brick lend the otherwise traditionally white bathroom warmth.
mid-century feel
Photograph: Holly Jolliffe


Handmade in brass with the lampshade in aluminum and black textile cord, the loyal COLEMAN standing lamp could be an ideal working buddy to be near the office couch or desk of this special house.

Inspired by HERBIE HANCOCK’s great personality, The charismatic Herbie standing lamp should greatly fit the look of this house. With bright colors, Herbie will bring a modern, cosy and a Mid-Century Feel to the house.

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