Mid-Century Lamps for your Christmas Décor

These are the Mid-century lamps you need to beautifully light up your house this Christmas!

In need of ideas for your Christmas décor? Search no more. Here are the mid-century lamps you’ll want in your home to light up this holiday season. Become dazzled and inspired and check out the infographic at the end of this article, to sum up, your list for Santa!



Mid-Century Lamps for Christmas
Turner is a golden pendant lamp. Golden like the voice of the artist that inspired it, Tina. Golden like the joy you feel on Christmas’ Eve when everyone has gathered around in the living room waiting for Santa. Golden like the ribbons in the gift wrapping you wait so eagerly to open. It’s the perfect suspension lamp to hang beside a settee near the fireplace.


Mid-Century Lamps for Christmas
This white Aretha, a modern suspension lamp, brilliantly matches the Winter scenes you’ll find outside and helps to bring the snow inside, to the warmth of the home. It perfectly fits a Scandinavian décor and helps to set the mood for a mid-century Christmas.


Mid-Century Lamps for Christmas
If Norah strikes you as the perfect wall sconce to have on your Christmas décor, you’re right. Its curvy shape ending in the prominent light bulbs make this mid-century lamp incredibly evocative of a classic Christmas light while still being a quite modern wall lamp.


Mid-Century Lamps for Christmas
This mid-century table lamp is a classic sculptural piece that perfectly complements a modern Christmas décor as well as it lights up a home. Evocative of a futuristic holiday season it also reminds us of the ball ornaments hung on the tree. This mid-century lamp perfectly ties together a room for Christmas.


Mid-Century Lamps for Christmas
Botti is the piece that will truly bring the joy into your living room. This modern floor lamp will almost sing the Christmas carols and classic songs so dearly beloved by everyone. It’s a musical piece in a beautiful golden tone to match the spirit it brings to a Christmas ambiance. It’s a piece that lives the joy of Christmas.

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Mid-Century Lamps for Christmas


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