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Holiday Gift Guide: Mid-Century Lamps for Everyone

These Christmas gifts are perfect for every single designer lover.

Christmas has come to town again which means now it’s time to sort your way through all the presents and gift ideas for family, friends and loved one. So, today we decided to show you our holiday gift guide that is perfect for everyone. Here you will find the most dazzling mid-century lamps that will fit beautifully in every single room and that are one of the best Christmas gifts you could give to anyone. Keep scrolling and find out at the end an infographic filled with Christmas gift ideas you’ll love.

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Here Are Our Favorite Christmas Gifts!

Botti Pendant Lamp

Holiday Gift Guide Mid-Century Lamps for Everyone 2

Inspired by the American trumpet player Chris Botti as a tribute to jazz music, Botti pendant lamp is a slightly smaller version of the modern chandelier with 15 trumpet-shaped shapes that stretch out from the center, creating a perfect sphere. This dining room chandelier will be the perfect Christmas gift for everyone!

Turner Floor Lamp

Holiday Gift Guide Mid-Century Lamps for Everyone 3
Turner floor lamp was inspired by Tina Turner’s electrifying dance moves. Ideal for any hotel design project, this art deco floor lamp will fit perfectly in a modern dining room decor.

C Marquee Lamp

Holiday Gift Guide Mid-Century Lamps for Everyone 4

You might be questioning, why have we chosen C Graphic Lamp this week… The truth is that Christmas is coming and at this time of the year lots of Christmassy words begin with a C, like: Christmas, Candy Cane, Cupid, Comet, Carroll…  So, this is THE marquee letter you have to acquire to your Christmas decorations this year.

Coltrane Table Lamp

Holiday Gift Guide Mid-Century Lamps for Everyone 5

The mid-century Coltrane table light is a modern lighting fixture, which embodies the contemporary principles of minimalism. With this in mind, DelightFULL’s designers came up with a minimal black table lamp with three tubes that cast the most soothing glaze.

Brubeck Wall Lamp

Holiday Gift Guide Mid-Century Lamps for Everyone 6

Luxury and art deco are synonyms with this Brubeck wall sconce lighting design. Inspired by the timeless musical instrument that is the pipe organ and one of the foremost exponents of jazz, Dave Brubeck, this luxurious wall sconce is a statement piece on its own.


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Holiday Gift Guide Mid-Century Lamps for Everyone 1

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