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Habitat Expo: 5 Best Restaurants in Mexico City!

If you are in Mexico City for Habitat Expo, here are the 5 best restaurants to have a bite!

If you are a design lover, you are probably in Mexico City for Habitat Expo! Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, and the post populist city of North America and it is one of the most important cultural and financial centers in America.

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Chef Enrique Olvera—the celebrity chef behind New York’s Cosme—offers two different dining options at his highly acclaimed Pujol: a multi-course tasting menu in the formal dining room and a “taco omakase” meal at the low-slung bar featuring various tacos, antojitos, and botanas. You’ll likely get to taste Olvera’s famed mole madre dish no matter which you choose, it’ll just be in taco form at the bar. If you’re set on going to Pujol, you’ll want to book your reservation before you book your flight.

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Panedería Rosetta

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There are two locations of this lauded bakery from chef Elena Reygadas, who also operates Café NIN, Lardo, and Rosetta, all rooted in Italian-inflected, Mediterranean fare. The European-style bakery cafes are the best of the bunch—perfect for coffee and a sweet roll, or a sandwich and a beer. There’s not a bad pastry on the menu, but the guava and ricotta Danish and sweet concha are must-orders.

Bar El Sella

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Though technically a bar, Sella is more of an old-world cantina that, like most classic ones in Mexico, feels Spanish. Jamon serrano, braised octopus with pimenton, and chorizo a la Sidra are all well done here, but the dish that everyone orders is the chamorro—an entire pork shank simmered in its own fat until it falls off the bone, served with warm tortillas, cilantro, onion, and salsa.

El Hidalguense

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The barbacoa is excellent here. Sheep and goat, rubbed with salt, wrapped in maguey leaves, buried underground with coals then left to roast slowly overnight is trucked in from Hidalgo. You order it by weight, and half a kilo for two to four people is a good place to start. Wrap the meat in warm tortillas with salsa, white onion, cilantro, and avocado and keep eating until you physically can’t. Appetizers like consommé, toasted panela cheese, and pork-and-cheese-crusted tortillas, are all great.

Mog Bistro

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Mog Bistro is truly pan-Asian, featuring Chinese dim sum, Japanese izakaya-style meat skewers, and noodles and soups from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. For locals unfamiliar with the nuances of regional Asian cuisine—or really anyone having ma pa tofu or ramen for the first time—the food is explosively good. Tourists may be less in awe of the food, but it’s a great and affordable option when the palate tires of Mexican food.

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