If You Missed ICFF 2018… Don’t Miss This!

ICFF, the largest design show of the year, has finished and here is all you missed and don’t want to miss!

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair, ICFF, is the place to be to see the largest and greatest in upcoming contemporary design. If you are a design lover or a professional on the field, you sure don’t want to miss this special event. However, if you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the show, here are the highlights of ICFF 2018!

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ICFF 2018

If You Missed ICFF 2018... Don’t Miss This! 8
The international design trade show had more than 900 exhibitors from all over the world, this year, at the Javits Convention Center in NYC to showcase their newest collections.

If You Missed ICFF 2018... Don’t Miss This! 6
The 2018 edition of the contemporary furniture fair brought novelties, interior design tips and presented the new collection of the contemporary world. At this trade show it is possible to witness how different décor pieces such as lighting, décor and furniture can be a perfect match! A mix between the contemporary and modern décor pieces to make the day of the design lovers!
If You Missed ICFF 2018... Don’t Miss This! 4
Kitchen furniture is a big investment in a home and if you move, it stays behind for the new owners. That is until now. It’s exciting to see a growing market for free-standing, customizable kitchen furniture that is built to last as well as portable.

Countless lighting fixtures drew our attention, but we’ve singled out this geometric silhouette and overall air of sophistication! It would be equally at home in a luxury environment as it would be in more modern or contemporary space. The dark discs juxtaposed with the larger brass pieces create a very compelling look.
If You Missed ICFF 2018... Don’t Miss This! 1
DelightFULL in partnership with Covet House, enlighten the tradeshow with its unique mid-century pieces! The mid-century lighting brand presented the first piece and most iconic: Sinatra Floor Lamp. It is handmade in brass and aluminum and it is customizable, like every single piece from the Portuguese brand!

The Marrakesh stools and benches are inspired by footstools that are typically found in Morocco’s souk and they were a hit! Beyond being carefully handcrafted and delightful to look at, the pieces are also made from recycles material. The seats are made from recycled waste fabric from French luxury fashion houses that is twisted to create rag cording just like what traditional Moroccan stools use.
If You Missed ICFF 2018... Don’t Miss This! 18Sometimes a small but stylish cabinet is what you really need! This mid-century cabinet is especially nice to have the drawers highlighted as an integral part of the design rather than hidden behind a door, or as a typical row of fully closed units.

Outdoor collections were more prevalent this year than in the past, heralding a big consumer desire to make outdoor spaces more functional comfortable! Created from lightweight aluminum and weatherproof nautical rope, the seat is sturdy and comfortable — and very light. Called the Lucia Swing, the name means first rays of sun and there’s no better place to wait for those than in this comfy seat.

Habitat Expo 2018

If You Missed ICFF 2018... Don’t Miss This! 2
For the first time ever, DelightFULL presented its pieces at the Mexican trade show, Habitat Expo. The mid-century brand presented its newest brand catalogue with the most iconic pieces and also novelties. All the pieces are handmade in Porto, and they are customizable. Choose different shades, finishes and sizes to create a unique piece!

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