Illuminator : Illuminate Your Home And … Your Life!

What if we tell you that Illuminator can design the most suitable lighting piece for you? Don’t believe it? Start scrolling!

Illuminator is a company that will help you design the lighting fixtures of your dreams! Inspirations’ Blog will tell you all about it! Sit back, relax and be inspired!

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Light. This is a common word, and more than that, a value that we don’t give the respective value. Why? Because we have light whenever we want. If we don’t have access to the natural light of the sun, we can just turn the light on and pop! Light has become something so common such as air to breathe that we don’t even notice its importance.
What is light? It is the agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible!

For example, when it comes to decorating a house, an apartment, you trust an interior designer- a professional from the area. So, you have to follow the same thinking when it comes to planning the lighting of your living and working space – and here Illuminator jumps in and enlightens your life!

“The use of designed illuminations creates mood and sets your profile in the right light”

Illuminator is able to design lighting pieces for different projects – private projects, art galleries, restaurants, you name it!

This hair salon, in Wien, has the most stunning lighting pieces you can imagine!

The very detailed chandelier suits perfectly – the contrast between the clean and minimalistic design.

The lighting pieces of living areas require experience and sensitivity. The company’s experts create the designs in order of the context of a personal lighting consultation in your premises.

“Taking into account your individual circumstances”

The team tries to achieve the best possible light conditions for all situations. ‘Illuminators’ try to find the lamps that best suit and harmonize your lifestyle.

“At the end of the light planning (…) we list the lighting fixtures proposed by us room by room”

Illumitator has a huge selection of luminaires available for you – that will certainly find the right luminaires for you!

Alexander Magyar

Photo © Illuminator

Alexander Magyar is the head behind Illuminator. Alexander took a study course at the Bartenbach Lichtakademie lighting designer and he is, certainly, prepared to enlighten even more our home… and lives!

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