Ginger Woods Design: Designing An Age-Proof Home!

Ginger Woods Design is an interior design and project maker’s company that will design your home, taking aging into consideration!

We want to say as longer as possible in our homes. Ginger Woods’ firm is proud to announce that they love collaborating with their clients when we are talking about making decisions for new projects. Continue scrolling to get to know the team and the design firm!

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Ginger Woods – Who is the master mind behind the design firm?

Ginger Woods is a professional interior designer and Project Manager with more. She is proud to say that all her designs are a collaboration between her profissional team, and the clients. Actually, it is a very distinguished feature – the ability to hear the clients’ needs and wishes and turn them into reality.

Ginger Woods Design Designing An Age-Proof Home! 2
With more than 30 years of experience on residential and commercial design, the leader of a top-notch team makes sure that the firm’s projects involve new construction, interior renovation or simply a “fresh look”!
Different Types of Projects
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If you move into a new home, Ginger Woods Design will be your best friend by providing you the best range of services to avoid all the stress that is usually associated when we are talking about this new life’s step.
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Besides, the amazing interior design projects, that offers the best advices, and also takes into consideration the clients’ needs and wishes, the company can also do the inventory of your furnishings and artwork, and besides that it can also create another options to show you how the furnishings are going to look like in your new home!

We work closely with you to understand your living patterns, your style and your goals so that together we can arrive at a shared vision of the final result.

The design firm will also be an important part by helping you have a beautiful, yet functional house.
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As we get older, we have the need to change to a different and smaller house, with more facilities and better functionality.
Ginger Woods Design Designing An Age-Proof Home!
Transitioning from a larger home to smaller space offers both challenges and opportunities. The team will work, side by side with you, to simplify this transition. At the end, the result will speak for itself: a beautiful, comfortable and functional house!
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The design company is always looking ahead and all the private projects are designed thinking about aging. How?

As we age, safety, ease of access and mobility in our homes become increasingly important to our well-being. Maximizing a person’s autonomy in his or her own home improves quality of life and reduces isolation. We design for aging in place to plan for beauty and functionality, today and tomorrow.

Sometimes, it is necessary to have a little redecoration in order to have a fresh re-start. And guess what! Ginger Woods’ team will also be able to help you out!
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And you do not need to go big! Small changes will make a huge impact. For example, changing the lighting fixture that will be more suitable for your home or office, a ramp or accessible bathing facilities can change your daily basis.

One of the great challenges of interior design is keeping a space fresh and appealing. A full-scale re-do every other year would be a stress on the budget, the environment and the psyche. But a space that is frozen in time has no life. Interiors need attentive care to remain aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

However, with a head leader that has more than 30 years of experience in commercial deign, it would be impossible not to nail the creatively commercial field.

Like the team usually says, it is “Making the work space work for small business”. If you are opening your private business, and you are in a rush to have the perfect interior design, think no more.

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The designer will create a workplace that will support the work you do and the people that do it, as well. It is a very detailed project, since it has to take in consideration a range of diverse factors, such as technology materials, lighting and innovating space planning.

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