Ulrich Stein: From Scratch … To Reality!

Your design dreams are about to come true!

Ulrich Stein is a the name of a German design company that was founded in 1996 by Ulrich Stein and Herwig Kramer, and it has grown ever since. The company has both national and international projects, and they are unique due to the attention to every single detail. Continue scrolling to find out more!

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Ulrich Stein: From Scratch ... To Reality!
Since 2012, Ulrich Stein Projekte GmbH achieve its independency, and it has done several different metropolitan national and international design projects.
Ulrich Stein: From Scratch ... To Reality!
With a company with more than 20 employees, Ulrich Stein Projekte has two spaces in the most important cities of Germany: Berlin and Hamburg.
Ulrich Stein: From Scratch ... To Reality!
The design company has a house full of different professionals: architects, interior designers, decorators, kitchen and bathroom’s planners, and much more. The idea is to do the first sketch and be able to give the keys of the new house!
Ulrich Stein: From Scratch ... To Reality!
If you are looking for a design company that will plan and execute your design project, Ulrich Stein company might be the right choice! With special attention to detail, and the latest design trends, the design firm hears its clients’ needs and wishes and new ideas and concepts are created to pull off a unique project, never seen before.
Ulrich Stein: From Scratch ... To Reality!
You don’t need to worry about the selection of materials, furniture, lighting fixtures, because the company will select the best ones of the market, and will organize everything until the project is finished.
Ulrich Stein: From Scratch ... To Reality!
Lighting is a very important feature, and the design firm guarantees that the best lighting fixture is chosen, taking into consideration aesthetics and functionality.

Lighting can actually provide architects creative design solutions, and mesmerize its clients! Light brings emotions, brings fascination!


Ulrich Stein believes that your house has to show whom you are, that’s the main difference between calling it your house or your Home.

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