The Salon Art+Design New York Is Here To Shake Things Up

Salon Art+Design New York starts today and is here to revitalize East Coast Design

New York is having is having two design events underway, or about to kick off. We already covered BDNY, today, we are going to cover Salon Art+Design New York. A design fair that focuses on both, the Art world and the Design world and blends both of them, creating a remarkable and glamorous experience that you should definitely check out.

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Salon Art+Design

Now in its seventh year, The Salon Art + Design New York (8-12 November) is bringing an enticing mix of historic and contemporary furniture, art and decorative pieces back to the Park Avenue Armory this weekend.
Salon Art+Design New York
With over 11 countries contributing with pieces that range from various styles and categories, Salon Art+Design New York is the hub for various artists to express themselves and have their pieces be showcased to the rest of the world.
Salon Art+Design New York
Yolande Milan Batteau is a prime example of how Salon Art+Design New York is the perfect stage for a lot of artists to flourish and express themselves. She has produced work for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, amongst others. Batteau’s work is the reflection of her constant travels throughout the world, experience and learning different cultures and styles. Her pieces are the reflection of that assimilation.
Salon Art+Design New York
At this year’s Salon Art+Design New York, Callidus Guild will be working alongside Yolande Batteau and will create an art piece that will blend the luxurious style of Callidus with the naturalistic style of Batteau. The installation will be exhibited in the Historic Library Room at The Armory and is made up of a series of stone columns built into towering monoliths which are covered in metals, stones and natural materials that compose this piece of art.

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