3,2,1 … Top Interior Design Trends for 2019!

2019 is just around the corner, and we’ll provide you, first-hand, the top design trends for next year!

If you’re a design professional or lover, we’re sure that you’re dying to know all about the upcoming interior design trends for 2019! Today, we selected the top trends based on style décors, color palettes and materials. Continue scrolling and be the first one to be updated!

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Next year it will all be about recycling materials such as domestic plastic or sustainable bio-plastic. Nowadays, architects and interior designers, want, even more, to create a unique project, and, for that, it’s crucial to have peculiar curate design pieces.
Top Interior Design Trends for 2019!
Fortunately, design and craftsmanship is being elevated, and handmade design pieces are the top choices when it comes to furniture, lighting pieces, and all the design accessories required to complete the projects, whether it’s residential or commercial.
Top Interior Design Trends for 2019!
Statement pieces are being forgotten, and replaced by pieces handmade in natural materiais, that are the result of a combo between aesthetics and functionality. That is why mid-century design is going to take over again! It’s all about clean lines, neutral colors and design pieces that will make your days easier!
Top Interior Design Trends for 2019!
Architects will create your home project based on the harmony between your life and nature, taking advantages of natural resources, for exemple, the natural day light.
Top Interior Design Trends for 2019!
However, traditional organic material such as wood, glass, steel, and brass, will not lose their importance. Mid-century furniture pieces with a contemporary twist will invade your home décor, next year. Terrazzo and terracotta will also be a new 2019’s trend, because it’s the result of materials composition scene.
Top Interior Design Trends for 2019!
Retro and vintage style will be there again, to provide home décors a special disco vibe from the eighties that nobody resists!
Top Interior Design Trends for 2019!
Mid-century lighting pieces such as Ike Pendant Lamp will be one of the sweet hearts of 2019! A minimalistic handmade lamp that can be customized!
We hope that you already take some notes, and that your home redecoration will be a huge success!

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