Golden Globes 2019: The Outfits That Shined More Than The Awards!

The 76th edition of one of the most glamourous events on the world happened yesterday, and it was shiny!

The Golden Globes 2019 edition took place at the Beverly Hilton, located in California, EUA, and it has gathered the top actors and actresses, so their work can be recognized! It is one of the most sophisticated and glamorous events, and it isn’t all about the prizes: the public loves knowing about the outfits of the guests, and today we have selected the most commented one that walk thought the red carpet on the past Sunday Night!

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Golden Globes 2019: The Outfits That Shined More Than Te Awards!


Amber Heard is known for her magnificent roll playing, and besides that, her beauty! 2019 brought a couple new trends, and duo colors is one of them! The actress decided to choose a black and white dress with a lower waist, and she nailed the look!
golden globes
She rocked the Golden Globes red carpet with this amazing gown and she didn’t stop seeing flashes to capture this amazing moment!
golden globes


Heidi Klum is one of the most famous super models of history, and she has also served as the main host of many important tv shows such as America’s Got Talent. Once again, the super model did the right choice and picked a simple, yet peculiar black gown with a corset and some 3D flowers that provide a special look to it.
golden globes
Since the dress already has many details and textures, she decided to go along with a natural hairstyle, and she nailed it!
golden globes


Well, this one time blonde that couldn’t help herself with her shopping addiction, decided to go for a lacy black see through style gown. The strapless dress definitely enhances her figure.
golden globes
Isla Fisher’s dress also had pockets, that provided this dress a more casual look. For the occasion, it was the perfect combo!
golden globes


Rachel Weisz didn’t borrow this dress from the mummies her character usually fought against! This classy and sophisticated duo color dress is driving the ladies crazy about it!
golden globes
Once again, the hairstyle has a natural curly look.
golden globes


Lucy was the Golden Globe herself with this golden gown that shined more than a million diamonds!

The dress had a deep cleavage that definitely enhanced her figure, and the simple accessories and natural hair look completed the style! Less is more, sometimes.
golden globes


Last, but not least, Lady Gaga! The pop singer that has been amazing all with her actress skills! Known for her peculiar looks, the singer and actress chose a long and puffy light blue gown that crossed all over the red carpet!

Who doesn’t love Gaga? It’s the outfit that, ironically, take you out of the blues!

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