Design Talks: Gino Sarfatti Lighting Movement

One of the most renowned names in the world of lighting, Gino Sarfatti was one of the pioneers in the Italian market and in the international setting for the lighting world. During the thirty year career, the lighting designer Gino Sarfatti designed more than 400 lighting fixtures making the Italian lighting designer one of the references of nowadays designers. Keep scrolling to find more!

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An international reference for the modern architecture movement in the lighting world, Gino Sarfatti was one step ahead in the lighting world. As mentioned before, with more than 400 designs, the Italian designer Gino Sarfatti was the leading men in innovation, typology, materials, production technologies, light sources, technical lighting effects, and design. A pioneer for his time making halogen bulbs appears in lighting fixtures in 1971.

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Turner Family

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Arteluce shop, Via della Spiga, Milan

Winning several awards and prizes individually and with his company, Arteluce established in February 1939, among them are “Compasso d′Oro” in 1954 and 1955 and the Honorary Diploma of the Milan Triennale. A standing part of the design world, Arteluce was an important point for Italian designers such as Franco Albini, Gianfranco Frattini and Vittoriano Vigano from the ’50s to ’60s.

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Teatro Regio, Turin

From retail production to large scale projects, the Gino Sarfatti’s company was present in several upscale projects, including Michelangelo and Raffaello cruise ships along with an innovative design for Teatro Regio in Turin.

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Library, Andrea Doria cruise ship

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Nowadays, you can find Gino’s artwork in FLOS who purchased Arteluce in 1973 and then retiring to Lake Como. An inspiration to many and a tremendous innovation in the lighting design world, you can see the work of the designer in Flos.

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