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Shop The Look: Luxurious Project In UAE

A brand new Shop The Look is waiting for you! This time around we got into the UAE look and this modern design project is everything we once want in any modern home decor. A luxurious setting in an amazing place, this is the one you’ll want to steal right away!

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 A one of a kind decor, expect elegance with a sweet facade. Plenty of airy spaces are getting the attention with natural light being one of the focal points. Designed to be one of the most relaxing places to be in, each room is filled with style, class and amazing details.

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Shop The Look Luxurious Project In UAE 1

Majestic materials were chosen to be on one of this fantastic design project. From marble that sets the tone to get any room into one of the classiest of them all to the warm-toned wood walls, the eastern culture fills the room with all the kindest and simplest decor elements.

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Adorning the look, Janis floor lamp is just one of the many figurants in this amazing interior design project. Handmade in Portugal this mid-century floor lamp is inspired by the one and only: Janis Joplin. A one of a kind fixture, you just need to click below to get it in no time!

Room by Room Inspirations

Shop The Look Luxurious Project In UAE 1

 Along with the most astounding lines in the interior, the outside is just as amazing. Soothing white lines with clear water on the side make this the perfect outdoor retreat! 

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Coltrane ceiling is just as astounding as discreet. The mid-century ceiling light with it minimal lines is on the works to be one of the most amazing lighting fixtures you’ll want to be giving that soothing evening light this Summer!

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