Shop The Look: Luxurious Parisienne Apartment!

Welcome to another brand new edition of Shop The Look signature!

Welcome to another edition of Shop The Look! The weekly signature of the best design projects and lighting fixtures you’ll find in the web is striking once again and this time with a luxurious Parisienne apartment. Are you ready to begin our tour through one of the most luxurious residential projects?

Living Room:

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As a private residence in France, this minimalist design project is singular. With a cut clean look, the interior design project is a homage to the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat with works spread throughout the home. Without the presence of much colour, the luxurious tone is set by the golden lighting fixtures, such as Bottithat create a singular atmosphere in the room. Do you want to recreate this exquisite ambiance? Well, make sure you shop the look!

Shop The Look Luxurious Parisienne Apartment! 1

Dining Room:

A dining room is always a special place to gather all the important people in our lives. This luxurious dining room has just the right amount of exquisite details – simple, not underwhelming on the details and the right Hollywood glamour in the delicate wall fixtures by DelightFULL.

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Shop The Look Luxurious Parisienne Apartment! 1

An open floor plan, this modern living room design has all the key features for a well-spent time. Long windows give place to the natural light to seep into the room and the neutral colour palette is complete with a unique view, that this spacious apartment in France has – the Seine! For the night, light up the space with the incredible Botti Table Lamp, a simple design with a lot of character!

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Shop The Look Luxurious Parisienne Apartment! 1

A corridor is a perfect space to expose your favourite work of art. This spacious apartment overlooking the Seine has the perfect decor elements, such as Turner pendant lamp, that has the right vibe to this stunning apartment decor.

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