The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

Do you have any project in hands? Do you need that extra inspiration to put together the perfect home décor? Look no more!

If you’re a design professional or lover, this is the right article for you! Today, Inspirations’ Blog selected the top showrooms and design studios in Berlin, so you can finish your projects and have the home décor of your dreams! Continue scrolling to find out more!

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Detlev Böhnke
Detlev is an experienced architect that has his own business for 12 years, and he is the founder. Since then, he and his team have done a serie of private and commercial projects, all around Europe.

The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

However, his experience is not based on the previous 12 years. Detlev had the opportunity to work with international well-known interior designers, which provide him the enough knowledge regarding living and furnishing culture.


The Interior Design Studio
Paris 56 fine interiors is a German, is a design studio, showroom and workshop, founded by Detlev Böhnke. However, the team considers themselves to be one, united by the love for interior design

With a top-notch consultant team, they will advise you and accompany your projects from the first sketch, until the end. The interior designer’s team wants their clients to have an exact notion of what the final result is going to be, and with their 3D animations and photorealistic renderings it is possible to “see the future”.


“You will notice at first glance that we never rely on standard solutions”

The interior design studio is proud to say that every single project is done, taking into consideration for whom is done. The attention to the tiniest detail, and, of course, the touch of originality that transforms every single project as a unique one.

The Showroom
Paris 56 also offers a selection of materials, fabrics, furniture and accessories that the team work with. This selection will be on display in their own showroom at Paris 56.
“These include high-quality products from international manufacturers as well as exclusive individual pieces or hand-knotted high-quality carpets in our own designs”, said the team.

Residential Interior’s Projects

The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

It is important for the German Interior Design team to create a space that characterizes you. A room where you enter, and that you fell truly yourself!

Commercial Interior’s Projects

The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

Just like the Residential Interior’s Projects, Paris 56 Fine Interiors tries to understand the business, what is the main goal, and turn into reality the client’s design dream.

Paris 56

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The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

If you’re looking for the perfect example of a design company, Emporium Berlin will be one of the names of the list! The design company has more than 15 years of experience in the field of inteior design, and they are known worldwide by providing the best selected curate design pieces from the best brands of the world.

The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

Lighting pieces, furnishing, you name it! High-quality craftsmanship and first-class materials are what the design company is looking for their clients. We all know that luxury and handmade pieces are holding hands, and at Emporium, clients will find exactly what they need for their design project.


The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

Otto Von Berlin, was created by Slovene Drobnic, an interior designer based in Berlin that had a major passion for interior design, back in the days, and that has currently a career with more than 20 years in the field! This particular company is a reference when speaking about design projects.

The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

The company believes that listening to the clients’ wishes and needs are the key for success, never forgetting about aesthetics and functionality. Since they are worried about what every single client wants, the result of the projects are a variety of distinct styles for either casual or more luxurious.


The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

If you’re a design lover or professional, we bet that you’ve already heard abou this name. A reference of interior design, architecture and hospitality projects, that has been working on the fields for more than 15 years. Her main goal is to create a projects that allies aesthetics and function.

The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

Her design studio was named after her, and it’s located in the trendy metropolis Berlin. Known for being involded in major projects of hotels, restaurants and shops, she is flexible to work with different type of design styles such as mordern, classic, luxurious, chic, aming many more.


The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

dESIGN4ROOM is an architectural agency based in Berlin, with special requests from Europe and Turkey. If you’re looking for the total package, this is the one, because it provides a complete service of design, construction and maintenance.

The Best Showrooms and Design Studios in Berlin!

Once again, this design company also considers that the most important thing about the design project is that the clients’ needs are guarantee at the end. Actually, the architectural company believes that the project should be “shaped as a reflection of the lifestyle of the client, passion and guidance of the designer, rather than simple rules and traditions granted as unchangeable”.

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