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Home Renovation: Special Bathroom Lighting Fixture!

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Are you thinking about a home renovation? Yes? So this article is just for you! Inspriations’ Blog has done its research and we’ve selected the most speacial bathroom lighting fixture, taking into consideration aesthetics and function – so important nowadays. However, this is not the best part! These lighting designs are at the best price of the market!

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Home Renovation: Special Bathroom Lighting Fixture!

When speaking about mid century lighting pieces, there is a brand that immediately pops in our mind, and that’s DeligthFULL. With a wide range of peculiar lighting designs, today, we thought that Charles Suspension lamp would catch your attention! A round lamp for you bathroom? Why not?

Home Renovation: Special Bathroom Lighting Fixture!

Charles is a typical mid century lighting piece due to its perforating details that resemble the fifties. Charles is handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these master pieces, in order to continue elevating design and craftsmanship. Charles is made in brass and aluminum, and you can change the features, however if you’re interested in a glossy black and copper version, we have great news for you! It’s at its best price on DeligthFULL’s Floor Samples section.

Home Renovation: Special Bathroom Lighting Fixture!

Galliano wall lamp is one of the most requested pieces of the mid-century brand, and we can understand why! Galliano has a minimalisti design, which makes this lamp one of the most versatile pieces!

Home Renovation: Special Bathroom Lighting Fixture!

Galliano wall lamp is handmade in brass, and you can customize the piece, for example, you can change the color, finish, size, type of bulb and temperature of the light. You can purchase the black matte and gold ppowder paint version with a huge discount of 50% off! Are you going to miss this opportunity?

Home Renovation: Special Bathroom Lighting Fixture!

Last, but not least, Chuck wall lamp is also waiting for you in the outlet section! Handmade in brass, you can display more than one of these pieces, and create a mesmerizing lighting effect!

Home Renovation: Special Bathroom Lighting Fixture!

The Floor Samples section has the gold plated version and you can get it for half the price! Check it!

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