A Trip Through the Best Places to Have Brunch in NYC

There’s one thing we are 100% certain: You will be very hungry after seeing some of the best places to have brunch!

Yes, it may have happened to us, while searching for this. Choosing the best places to have brunch in NYC was not an easy task, especially since you have so many amazing places to eat there. We’ve decided to select the ones who made us more hungry, so… just enjoy it!

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Maison Kayser

A Trip Through the Best Places to Have Brunch in NYC

Present in every corner of New York, this one had to be on the list! Originally from Paris, Maison Kayser is an authentic artisanal French Boulangerie, meaning that bread and other baked goods are mixed and baked on-site all day long.

In 2012, the first Maison Kayser opened in the United States, on the Upper East Side in New York, and it was such a huge success that since then Eric Kayser has opened several bakeries in the city, to meet the demand of its customers in different neighborhoods.

During brunch, it has a wide selection of tartines, salads, egg dishes, and pastries. The croque-madame is a must-try.

Ebook Gallery Garage


A Trip Through the Best Places to Have Brunch in NYC

This charming restaurant famously serves one of the city’s best brunches, with a menu that has both classic and more adventurous options. Besides the typical dishes like eggs Benedict and buttermilk pancakes, they also serve some lunchy options like smoked salmon pizza, burgers and cacio e pepe, too.

Built around a California-inspired culinary philosophy it balances a familiar rusticity with a smart global approach, all enhanced with a New Yorker’s eye for detail.

Jack’s Wife Freda

A Trip Through the Best Places to Have Brunch in NYC

This coffee is the one that we truly believe that sells only by looking at it. Do you doubt? Just take a look at their instagram.

This cozy West Village cafe serves affordable Middle Eastern-inspired sandwiches, salads, and egg dishes that are tasty, but not too heavy. It’s no wonder that there’s always a crowd of fashionably dressed people milling out front. There are other locations in Soho and Chelsea.

Cafe Mogador

A Trip Through the Best Places to Have Brunch in NYC

Founded in 1983 in the East Village, Cafe Mogador was both an early pioneer in the NYC restaurant world and a downtown cultural hub.

Moroccan-inspired, Cafe Mogador gained tremendous recognition and solidified its place as a neighborhood institution and culinary destination.

With halloumi with eggs, assorted mezze, big salads, and terrific tagines, this is a typical destination for students and European tourists.

Clinton St. Baking Co.

A Trip Through the Best Places to Have Brunch in NYC

Let’s end this list with Pancakes, the specialty in this place, and the reason why people wait for hours on the weekends to nab a seat and try them.

Since it opened in 2001, Clinton Street Baking Co. has expanded to Dubai, Tokyo, and Singapore, so this can only mean one thing: it is really good!

People call it “comfort food,” but what we dish out is American Classics made with the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced — whenever possible — with lots of love (and butter).

Chef Neil Kleinberg

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