6 Of The 90s Decor Trends We Shouldn’t Neglect!

Sit back, relax, and read on these 90s decor trends we should always keep in mind while decorating our interiors

The 90s! “La belle epoque” or the beautiful era we all have nostalgia for. The 90s were the simple days, the days of innocence we all look back on with rose-tinted glasses. Fashion, pop culture, architecture, interior, and design have known many changes throughout the decade and we want to bring a recall to your minds of some of the 90s decor trends

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Primary colors:
The strong presence of the colors Red, yellow, and blue gave some certain modernity to the interior, especially when they were used altogether. As primary colors are the colors of modern art, comic books, and pop art, they can easily be associated with childhood. But in fact, those colors are clear, straightforward and bold. They can create a very modern and luxurious space.

Puddles of curtains:
From almost the ceiling to the ground, the curtains played a big part in the 90s decor trends. Depending on the fabrics, the quality, and the colors or prints, one could tell how fancy or luxurious the owner was. You could say that the curtains were a brief summary of the whole house.

5 of the 90s decor trends we shouldn’t neglect

Wicker furniture
How could we leave Wicker furniture behind? Wicker is a material that is not only stylish but also comfortable and long-lasting. It has a specific charm you wouldn’t find in any other material, without forgetting that choice of the pieces is endless.

Patterns, patterns, and even more patterns. Being able to mix and match patterns in one interior is seriously a talent not everyone has. Using patterns is a wonderful way to characterize your space and make it very personal. And if you want to go for the full 90s look then is the floral pattern the one for you! 

5 of the 90s decor trends we shouldn’t neglect

Folding screens
Inspired by the zen aesthetics and the Japanese decor, the folding screens were incorporated in many 90s decor trends. This useful accessory can be made in Chinese style, from lacquered wooden panels adorned with decorative paintings, or in the Japanese style, from translucent paper with a wooden lattice overlay.

5 of the 90s decor trends we shouldn’t neglect

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