Exclusive Details On Studiopepe’s New Mid-Century Furniture Collection!

Find out Studiopepe’s color, shapes, and fabrics choice for this incredible partnership!

As you know the famous Studiopepe is currently working on a brand new collection for the mid-century modern brand, Essential Home. Lately, we haven’t learned anything new about this incredible project but the time has come to unveil a few hints of the unique furniture designs developed by the Italian designers.

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The incredible Italian designers from Studiopepe have promised to surprise the world’s design lovers with a unique collection that is quite out of the ordinary. From shapes and colors to the exquisite texture of the fabric selection, today we are going to present to you some exclusive details about the mid-century modern collection.

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Exclusive Details On Studiopepe’s New Mid-Century Furniture Collection!

The world is going to fall in love with this unique collection with the renowned European brand, Essential Home. Just like the mid-century modern brand‘s collections, Studiopepe design projects are always complemented with a backup story that makes that product or project quite unique, and this brand new mid-century modern collection isn’t an exception!

Exclusive Details On Studiopepe’s New Mid-Century Furniture Collection!

Passionate about the multidisciplinary side of the design world, Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto have become of Italy’s most famous designers thanks to a unique signature style that captures the attention of any design lover. For this brand new furniture collection, the Italian designers decided to go with unique ideas in terms of colors, shapes, and fabrics that in their vision represent perfectly the mid-century modern identity of Essential Home.


Exclusive Details On Studiopepe’s New Mid-Century Furniture Collection!

In terms of color, the Italian designers decided to go for an incredible color combination that recalls perfectly the biophilia concept. A mixture com dark green, natural wood, and shiny gold details make this mid-century modern collection as timeless as it can get.

Exclusive Details On Studiopepe’s New Mid-Century Furniture Collection!
Image Credit: Studiopepe

When it comes to shapes, the former collections created by Studiopepe tell us that the Italian designers love to work with impressive curved shapes… So is this new mid-century collection is going to be an exception? We believe that Arianna and Chiara will stick to their roots and incorporate their famous curved shapes inspirations into Essential Home‘s brand new collection!

Exclusive Details On Studiopepe’s New Mid-Century Furniture Collection!

Last but not least, textures and fabrics. We all know that Studiopepe loves to work with different types of materials and explore all of the numerous possibilities that the design world brings to them. Following Essential Home‘s signature style, we bet that the Italian designers are going to stick with the smooth velvety textures in their new mid-century modern furniture collection… Everybody loves the exquisite touch of the high-quality velvet fabrics, that’s a fact! We can’t wait to see the final result!

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