Meet the Product Design’s Guru: Andrea Branzi!

If you鈥檙e a design aficionado, you known that in Italy were born some of the best interior designers and architects of all times. Is it because of the inspiring atmosphere? We don鈥檛 know it, however it鈥檚 impossible not to be mesmerized by the imponent Product Designs by Andrea Branzi!

Known as of the the best of the field, Andrea Branzi will definitely leave his footprint in the world of design. Today, Inspirations Blog will unveil some details about the designer and also about his unique signature style!

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Andrea Branzi鈥檚 design projects are known worlwide, no wonders why he is named Mostro Sacro, which meand: sacred monster. He is a pioneer, an explorer of new perspectives of design.

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Andrea was born in the beautiful Italian city of Florence, in 1938, and we bet the beautiful views inspired him, such as the italian design! He graduated in architecture in 1966, and decided to move to the Italian city of design and fashion: the beautiful Milan.

Meet the Product Design's Guru: Andrea Branzi!

Milan is the 鈥榗rib鈥 of many design experts, and also the chosen spot to some of the most important design tradeshows and events such as iSaloni.

Meet the Product Design's Guru: Andrea Branzi!

Andrea got all eyes in his work when he created the Superonda, in 1966, a stunning sofa he created for Potronova, and also No Stop City, between 1969-1872.


Meet the Product Design's Guru: Andrea Branzi!
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Today, we鈥檒l explore two interesting designs the artist developed!

馃搶 Maschere

Meet the Product Design's Guru: Andrea Branzi!
Image Credit: Andrea Branzi

Andrea decided to do a combo between theater and design. Eventhough we鈥檙e talking about two forms of art, they have always been seen far apart. Design is much more technological and theater is more linked with emotions and feelings.

Design鈥檚 main goal is to emerge feelings and emotions, and we can go back in history to see it! In Roman times, our ancestors used to use masks and dance to protect themselves from evil spirits.

Today, design has been seen as one of the main tools to solve the world鈥檚 biggest issues such as Global Warming.


Meet the Product Design's Guru: Andrea Branzi!
Image Credit: Andrea Branzi

Look around you, we are not alone. There are empty spaces but they are just a collision of inumerous cosmic orbits.

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Hope you enjoyed reading about: Meet the Product Design鈥檚 Guru: Andrea Branzi!

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