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You Don’t Want To Miss These Black Friday Deals!

Whether you already have your home décor for Christmas or you won’t touch a strand of garland until after Thanksgiving, there’s no denying that the best deals on holiday shopping are here! Inspirations Blog gathered the best savings from our favorite mid-century lighting brand to give you a head start on holiday gifting! Amazing discounts that can go up to 70% off on the trendiest lighting solutions of the market, these are our top Black Friday deals!

If there’s one thing people love to share about themselves, it’s where they scored a good deal. We love the feeling that our money is working out for us, rather than the other way around, and that is why Black Friday is so alluring.

Follow our guide, and we’re sure that you’ll end the day with that elated feeling of saving a bunch of money on amazing lighting pieces you want for months!

You Don't Want To Miss These Black Friday Deals!
Botti Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL

DelightFULL is a Portuguese mid-century lighting brand with a wide range of high-end pieces that were inspired and named after great Jazz icons. All the lamps are handmade by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce these masterpieces in order to continue elevating design and craftsmanship. The best part is that all the pieces can be customized, so this means that you can add your own ‘fingerprint’ and call it a one-of-a-kind piece. The brand has an online shop available 24/7, always with a product specialist ready to fulfil your needs and wishes. The renowned design brand went crazy this Black Friday season by giving their customers the chance to buy curated lighting designs with a discount that can go up to 70%! Here you can discover everything about the Black Friday Campaign, but continue scrolling to see our favorite picks!

You Don't Want To Miss These Black Friday Deals!
Ike Suspension Lamp | DelightFULL

Find the best lighting pieces to surprise a design lover or see it as an opportunity to do a home makeover. We would all love to have a living room with windowed walls that flood our space with natural light, however the reality is that we don’t all have that possibility. For those of us furnishing a living room area that receives little sunlight, a styligh light fixture like Ike Suspension lamp is the next bets thing – you can have just in a couple of weeks!

You Don't Want To Miss These Black Friday Deals!
Atomic Pendant Lamp | DelightFULL

Ranging from an eye-catching chandelier, to a unique pendant lamp, we collected functional yet stylish lighting ideas to illuminate your space – and life! Atomic Pendant Lamp is the right choice to display on your entryway or living room.

You Don't Want To Miss These Black Friday Deals!
Ike Pendant Lamp | DelightFULL

If you’re lucky enough to have heigh ceilings, take notes from the mid-century Portuguese brand, and hang more than one pendant lamp. Ike pendant lamp is a foolproof way to create a focal point in your room while adding visual interest to the space.

We hope that you enjoyed our Black Friday Selection, don’t forget to see more deals here!


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