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If you want the best indoor lighting you must visit DelightFULL‘s site. All of their indoor lighting pieces are completely customizable and made to suit perfectly each client’s own taste and personality. Their vintage, mid-Century modern design is what makes their decor products so special – although what really makes them unique it’s the fact that any of their indoor lighting options fit your ambiance just right.

Whether you have a modern or more vintage decor, DelightFULL‘s lamps will certainly bring a remarkable touch of sophistication and elegance to any decor. The brand has two collections: the Heritage collection which has wall, floor, suspension and table lamps with vintage design and the Graphic collection with versatile pieces that you can put on your table or on the floor.
Remarkable Indoor Lighting by DelightFULL
Today we bring you an example of the brand’s Graphic collection: the K letter lamp, which is one of DelightFULL‘s best-selling products and, like any other of their indoor lighting pieces, the design is completely customizable. However, if you’d rather not restyle it, we’re 100% sure it’ll fit your home decor like a glove.
This modern and stylish letter’s design features 44 bulbs that are individually controlled by an on-off switch, which allows you to choose the number of lights you want to turn on at any given time. In addition to this incredible feature is its beautiful, vibrant red font color, which makes the K lamp one of the most desired pieces of DelightFULL‘s Graphic collection. Its design brings a fun, fresh and unconventional vibe to your decor. The individual switch enables you to choose between a dim or a more intense lighting. I’m absolutely sure it’ll be a roaring success!
Both DelightFULL‘s Graphic and Heritage collections are this mid-century modern furniture brand’s exclusive.
Draga Aurel House
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