We can’t get enough of the stilnovo design, nor of DelightFULL‘s impressive lighting art. Diana is one of the lamps from DelightFULL‘s Heritage collection and it’s an homage to the stilnovo design. This suspension lamp is not only a sleek light fixture for your office, but also a neat vintage and original design for your home.
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Diana is a stylish and fresh design choice, as DelightFULL has already gotten us used to. One of the main advantages of this industrial vintage style light fixture is that is suits every decor choices perfectly, which means you can have a super modern decor and, at the same time, you can opt for some vintage lighting details which will give a touch of elegance and sophistication to the decor.
This stilnovo light fixture balances perfectly its vintage design with a fresh and colorful spring arm which allows you to choose which lighting direction and intensity you want, giving your office decor the perfect lighting. DelightFULL‘s Diana suspension light fixture is available in six unconventional sets of colors: gold and white, black nickel and yellow, copper and blue, nickel and black, nickel and red and black nickel and red (which is the one what you can see in the image above). The wide range of colors is very characteristic of the brand and since there are so many color options you can choose from, the hard part will be deciding which design  to pick out!
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