Are you looking for a contemporary copper lamp?
Delightfull copper lamps are the perfect choice for a modern lighting. Metallic tones are very elegant and great color for the summer so be bold and feel free to mix a little copper to your decor, they go great with strong colors and a mid century style. See our copper lamps and choose the perfect one for your mid-modern decoration.
The Parker copper wall lamp or Etta wall lamp are ideal for a contemporary decoration!
If your looking for trendy lighting for you modern dining room Delightfull has three great choices!
Atomic suspension lamp is perfect for a modern big dining room.
Matheny suspension lamp is great for a luxurious dining room.
A Methany floor lamp is also available, so you can have more decoration options.
Neil copper floor lamp is the perfect choice for a modern living room.

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These Modern Floor Lamps Will Rock Your Mid-Century Home in 2018