Mid century modern inspirations: Brown Davis Interiors

Mid century modern inspirations-brown-davis-interiors
Mid century modern inspirations | Todd Davis and Rob Brown joined their shared passion for classic architecture, discerning environments and extraordinary craftsmanship to create Brown Davis Interiors in 1994.  In the elite environs of Washington, DC, Brown Davis has designed two residences for the Clintons, President and Secretary of State, The British Embassy residence and an array of exceptional projects involving contemporary and historic renovation.  Always seeking inspiration and growth in artistic styles and influences, Brown Davis now has a second office in Miami Beach, Florida.  The saturated hues, tropical landscape and design mecca have influenced a bold aesthetic that resists conformity. It is instead a uniquely American perspective, fusing the traditional roots of classicism, with exuberant, sensual vitality.
Mid century modern inspirations-brown-davis-interiors
Brown Davis practices couture interior design and architecture.  Every choice is an intimate reflection of the client; creating distinctive and elegant spaces for lives well lived.  Rob Brown a gifted colorist, creates custom palettes that harmonize and balance transitions among eclectic furnishings.  As knowledgeable art connoisseurs Brown and Davis have discovered emerging artists that have now become established. They integrate their clients’ museum quality art within their residences, creating compelling environments for important works.  Comfort is an indispensable priority.
Mid century modern inspirations-brown-davis-interiors
Texture, light and patterns are orchestrated for enduring warmth and harmony.  Working closely with master artisans, Brown Davis designs bespoke furnishings, perfectly scaled for size and function.  Todd Davis trains his exacting eye on the technical challenges of architectural integrity; classical restoration and contemporary renovation both re-imagine the structural and esthetic foundation upon which everything rests.  Building exteriors and landscape design are thoughtfully considered and equally essential to complete their remarkable residential, hospitality and commercial projects situated in Washington DC, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, New York, Los Angeles, as well as through out the United States and internationally.
Mid century modern inspirations-brown-davis-interiors Mid century modern inspirations-brown-davis-interiors Mid century modern inspirations-brown-davis-interiors Mid century modern inspirations-brown-davis-interiors

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