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10 vintage rugs for your living room design

10 vintage rugs for your living room design | Your home is one of the most important things in your life, it is your physic soul and that’s why we care so much with all the details because feel home is more than a sense of property, it is a state of mind, a fullness. From the living room to the kitchen, it is essential to take a look to all the special details that will give a warm and cozy ambiance to all our rooms.
Use details and personal things to give a familiar look to your ambiances, lighting is essential to a cozy ambiance. Create and imagine your ideas and don’t be afraid to take any risk, you just have to do it with your heart and question what do you like to see when you go to someone’s house? We are here to give you ideas and to inspire you and that’s why we bring you, today, a special selection of vintage rugs. You can use them in different styles and it will be a special vintage detail that fit in modern living room design and retro living room, at the same time.
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