The best lighting stores in France

Today we present you the best lighting stores in France, where you can the best find lighting fixtures.
The country is known for its appreciation and good taste for design, and also, for being one of the most important places where design trends and styles are born.
Lighting stores and major important spots for brands and designer to expose and let people know about their creations.
There is a wide range of stores with different styles, so we selected a few ones to let you know a little bit about them.
Take a look:
The best lighting stores in France
Located in the heart of Paris, at the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, it is the reference showroom dedicated to contemporary lighting. Open to professionals and individuals Novaluce covers 280 m2 and is one of the greatest Parisian spaces dedicated to lighting.
Epi Luminaires
The best lighting stores in France

A lighting store is not the kind of shops that are most common in Paris. Yet this place attracts the attention of the people with the classic and original style of its products. It is very pleasant to walk to look nice decor ideas. Epi Luminaires has lighting pieces for outdoors, traditional and current in styles, functions, sizes, genders.
Bazar de L’Electricité
The best lighting stores in France

The Bazar de L’Electricité, is a reference to Paris when seeking to restore / complete / buy a light fixture. Founded in 1886 – two years after the invention of the filament bulb by Thomas Edison – the brand has never left the Bastille area. There are antique-style lighting fixtures – traditional chandeliers – but also contemporary lighting, combining both modern design and originality.
The shop Voltex Paris specializes mainly in lighting design but we can also find their own line of furniture. Located in the heart of Paris, not far from the Musée d’Orsay and the Luxembourg gardens, the Voltex shop offers a design space where design and art mix together. You will find big names like Catellani & Smith, Serge Mouille, Tom Dixon, Lumina, DCW Editions, Tobias Grau …
The best lighting stores in France
Created in 1990 under the leadership of Paul and Fabienne Silvera, Silvera is now a global concept store, bringing together 11 showrooms in Paris, a logistics center of 6,000 m2 in Vitry-sur-Seine, a fleet Silvera, and representing more than 500 brands from France and other countries. 

Pacific Compagnie
The best lighting stores in France
For the last twenty years, PACIFIC COMPAGNIE selects for you the best and more funky and beautiful furniture and objects for your decoration, indoor and outdoor.
With a wide range of products and mixing styles together, the shop is absolutely incredible. With lots of room, it has an underground section with different environments, from the classiest to the most extravagant.
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