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Trendzine: A mid-century modern penthouse in Istanbul

Istanbul is the meeting place of East and West, but it is much more than that, and this beautiful mid-century modern penthouse featured in the latest TRENDZINE came to shows us just that!
You know we love to take you to places around the globe through the most incredible living room designs there are, so we couldn’t pass on this opportunity to take you to Istanbul through TRENDZINE’s eyes.

Take a look and get ready to be amazed!

mid-century modern
Located in a cosmopolitan district on the Asian side of Istanbul, Khalkedon House is a two-floor, recently refurbished penthouse that wraps a mid-century modern sense of style with a contemporary sensibility of comfort and elegance.
mid-century modern
Designed by the Turkish multi-disciplinary design studio ESCAPEFORMA, the four-bedroom 250-square meter apartment spreads out on two floors, with living spaces and bedrooms on both levels, and a spacious terrace on the upper floor offering amazing views of the city.
mid-century modern
The interiors have a warm, welcoming atmosphere through the use of Iroko hardwood for the floors, perfectly balanced with a toned down palette of whites and grays for the walls, carpets, and fabrics.
mid-century modern
Designed with a minimalist approach, filled with simple lines and clean surfaces, the rooms are complemented by the use of Italian marble and polished brass.
custom made furniture
The apartment’s decoration is one of mid-century modernism, exemplified by the custom made furniture of polished wood, marble and brass, together with classic pieces. Other elements that reminisce back to that era are the slatted timber, paneling cladding the kitchen and staircase volumes, and the custom design wallpaper on the back of the sitting area, depicting tropical foliage and flowers, both rendered in contemporary, sober terms with the former painted dark gray.
custom design wallpaper
The living room opens up onto a spacious L-shaped terrace, accommodating a comfortable lounge and dining area. With an elegant palette of grays, whites and baby blues, it is the ideal place to sit and enjoy the panoramic view of the city and the Sea of Marmara beyond.
custom made furniture
Photos ©: İbrahim Özbunar
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Draga Aurel House
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