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10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars

Every lighting design must be unique and the first step to achieve this uniqueness is to be inspired by the great voices of our times. DelightFULL manages just that! It sees the beauty in every Superstar and captures it in a single lighting piece that is the center piece of a room. From Jazz singers to Rock Stars, be mesmerized with these vintage and mid-century lighting designs.


10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
Amy is a tribute to the great British singer and songwriter. Outlined by the black of her hair and her round earring… The inside is in gold like her golden voice. The irreverent floor version is a reading lamp, perfect to enjoy with your favorite book at any setting. Handmade in brass and with lampshades in aluminum exactly like it was made in the 50’s.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
It is with a powerful stance that Jackson suspension lamp embodies all the key movements from the 80’s pop king Michael Jackson. The perfect spin from mid-century design classics to a commemoration of pop culture. A unique piece of design which combines luxurious finishes and exposed mechanical elements mixed with rhythm.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
“I Put a Spell on You” Like Nina Simone’s genius capacity to mesmerize us with her music. Delightfull took a design classic and reinterpreted it into a fresh wall fixture with a strong attention to detail. The big lampshades, the asymmetric structure, the visible textile wire and the nickel plated details have resulted in a magical piece which will surely put a spell on you.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
Donna table is the luminaire inspired by the Donna Lee melody, played by the most nostalgic jazz composers such as Jaco Pastorius and Mile Davis. The warm light passing through the golden tubes makes every sitting room cozy and charming.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
Taking these powerful connections created by John Coltrane, our designers have created a monumental design that will withstand time. Up to 3 iron tubes, it makes a magical and a smooth lighting effect for architectural environments.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
If you ever find yourself listening to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra while drinking a cocktail, this piece will be there. Sinatra’s standing lamp is simply Delightfull’s best design creation.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
Like the influential Jaco Pastorius jazz composer but also a gifted electric bass player, Pastorius wall sconce revives the 70’s design aesthetics with a dual character. The result is pure vintage.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
Turner table is simply a head turner. Inspired by Tina Turner’s dance moves it has an art deco shape with the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position so that you can create your favorite composition at any time.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
Inspired in part by the big afro hair styles that popularized the 60s, Kravitz Suspension is also a tribute to the bold, multiple award winning rock star, Lenny Kravitz. An exclusive piece you can fall in love with.
10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars
Hanna is a vintage floor lamp which suits perfectly a living room or a hall. Its structure made in noble marble reports to a classical ambiance, back to art deco. As the jazz drummer Jake Hanna, this floor lamp takes the shape out of that voluptuous instrument.

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10 Lighting Designs Inspired by Superstars

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