Trending Product: Cosmo Modern Chandelier

This week, DeligthFULL will inspire you with Cosmo, a modern chandelierDesigned as a tribute to the mid-20th-century race to space, it is a memorable lighting fixture. This unique piece will add effortless style to your modern home decor. Keep scrolling and discover DelightFULL Trending Product.

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Trending Product: Cosmo Modern ChandelierCosmo Modern Chandelier is perfect for a modern living room that need some inspiration. A dynamic piece full of energy and versatility, it’s inspired by the space with all its galaxies and planets.

The cord height is almost 40 inches, but it can be customized, much like all the other features and finishes in this large pendant lighting design. It is an intricate design piece to put on display at the entrance of a modern hotel or to use as a modern dining room lighting fixture.
Trending Product: Cosmo Modern Chandelier
Since all its spheres can rotate within 2 axis which enable it to cast light into any spot. Composed by 11 illuminating spheres of different sizes, the majestic lighting design is made in aluminum and a brass body structure.
Trending Product: Cosmo Modern Chandelier
Handmade in brass and steel, the body is covered by a gold-plated finish, while the stainless steel shades are lacquered a glossy black and glossy white on the outside.
Trending Product: Cosmo Modern Chandelier
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Creating a funny and unforgettable statement in any room, Cosmo Modern Chandelier suits perfectly in a fresh and clean bedroom or living room. A versatile creation which is suitable for the most demanding setting.
Trending Product: Cosmo Modern Chandelier

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