The Mid-Century Lighting Stars on This Black Friday

Black Friday is coming up and it’s your chance to get some of these Mid-century lighting pieces at better prices!

These are the stars that’ll feature prominently at the front stage of DelightFULL‘s Black Friday campaign. These are the mid-century lighting pieces that’ll turn your home’s décor around and this is your chance to get them at the best prices ever.


Ike Suspension

The Stars of This Mid-Century Lighting Black Friday 5
Ike is a classic suspension lamp. It’s one of DelightFULL‘s brightest-shining stars. It’ll fit great in your living room. This Black Friday you’ll be able to get this mid-century lighting piece’s gold-plated and black version.

Coltrane Wall

This is one of the best looking products and a classic piece from DelightFULL. This modern wall sconce fits any room of the house and it’ll also be a great addition to any hotel or restaurant hallway. It exudes class and shines out music, much like the man who inspired it: John Coltrane.

Turner Table

The Stars of This Mid-Century Lighting Black Friday 5This mid-century lighting fixture is noticeably inspired by Tina Turner‘s golden voice and brazen dance moves. It’s an instant classic, much like its inspiration. Evoking the divas glow and star-power this lamp will be the star of whatever room you put it in. 

Brubeck Chandelier

The Stars of This Mid-Century Lighting Black Friday 3Two versions of this amazingly lavish chandelier will be available this Black Friday. Inspired by an innovative jazz-piano virtuoso, influencer for decades of musicians, this mid-century lighting piece stands out wherever you put it in. If you want to save on prices and squander on luxury, this will make you happy.

Atomic Wall

The Stars of This Mid-Century Lighting Black Friday 3
Atomic is a truly iconic piece. this sculptural modern lamp is inspired by one of the most famous stages of the 20th century. The Russia vs USA race to space marked an era of innovation an futuristic thought. This futuristic thought and philosophy inspired this sputnik-like sculptural piece.


The Stars of This Mid-Century Lighting Black Friday 3

Ol’ Blue Eyes is an iconic legend of the 20th Century. As the icon he is, this homage piece had to be at least as iconic and transpire his simple and luxurious essence. You can have that essence shining through and singing in its characteristic crooner voice across your rooms.



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