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A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp

Join us on this spiral back in time and have the opportunity to travel in time with Brubeck Lamp!

Brubeck Lamp is one of the most well-known mid-century modern pieces from DelightFULL. Handmade in brass, the care and sleek movements of this modern chandeliers are clear, just like jazz, it never ceases to be timeless!
DelightFULL’s pieces are like time machines: they can make us travel to the past and the future. Why? Continue scrolling and check it for yourself!

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The Past

A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 4
Brubeck Lamp was inspired by Dave Brubeck.
David Warren Brubeck was an American jazz pianist and composer, considered to be one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz.
Dave Brubeck was born in California and, initially, he entered the College of the Pacific in, studying veterinary science. He changed to music on the urging of the head of zoology, Dr. Arnold, who told him “Brubeck, your mind’s not here. It’s across the lawn in the conservatory. Please go there. Stop wasting my time and yours.”
A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 10
A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 2
The initial Brubeck records sold well, and he recorded and issued new records for Fantasy. Soon the company was shipping 40,000 to 50,000 copies of Brubeck records each quarter, making enormous profits.
A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 3
In the early 1960s Dave Brubeck was the program director of WJZZ-FM radio.
A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 9
His music was used in the 1985 film “Ordeal by Innocence”. He also composed for – and performed with his ensemble on – “The NASA Space Station”, a 1988 episode of the CBS TV series called “This Is America, Charlie Brown”.
A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp
Also a very curious fact was that the main-belt asteroid 5079 Brubeck was named after Brubeck.
We definitely understand why DelightFULL’s designers decided to do this tribute to Dave Brubeck! Now let’s return to the Present!

The Present

A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 8

Brubeck Wall

A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 6

Brubeck Floor

A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 7

Brubeck Pendant

These masterpieces are being done in Portugal by DelightFULL’s national producers.
Due to the fact that the pieces are handmade, in brass, they are customizable. You are able to choose between different finishes such as Nickel Plated, Gold Plated, Aged Brass and much more! Create your own lamp and rock your living room décor with Brubeck!
Are you ready to travel to the Future with DelightFULL’s innovative designs?

Brubeck Spiral – a must-see at iSaloni 2018!

 A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 5

One of the most enchanting mid-century modern chandeliers that DelightFULL has to offer to the world is a statement piece. With an enchanting touch just like everytime Dave Brubeck touched his piano, the charming and alluring effect provided by the spiral case will make this unique lighting design shine in a classic and luxurious living room design or in a lighting hospitality project!

The Future

A Spiral Back in Time With Brubeck Lamp 2 (1)You are probably asking yourself: How can a mid-century lighting piece make us travel to the future ? It is a very good question!
Although the pieces are inspired by mid-century design and jazz music, DelightFULL’s team deconstruct certain concepts and they transform it to unique and innovative pieces.
And, as we know, Future and Innovation are always holding hands!
And speaking about the Future! You can see Brubeck Spiral for the first time in iSaloni 2018, in Milan! Join the mid-century lighting brand ‘s team on the 17th of April, in Hall 01 | Stand L 09, and celebrate design with friends!

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