Iconic Lighting Design: Meet The Turner Family

Get ready to be introduced to this lighting design family!

It’s almost impossible that you never heard about the most iconic lighting design family! However, if you are the unlucky one that doesn’t know what we are talking about, get ready to know everything about their members.

Turner Family

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Turner family is composed of all categories (suspension, wall, floor, and table) of the Turner vintage design lamp inspired by the dance moves of the iconic Tina Turner. It’s such a unique lighting design piece that was recreated to fit in your walls, ceiling, tables, and floors. Turner family fits in the art deco and vintage style which reveals their irreverence.
Iconic Lighting Design Meet The Turner Family! 4Turner Pendant
Turner pendant lamp is a lighting fixture handmade in brass and aluminum. Its body has five gold plated finished arcs that are movables, which can all be rotated to fit your needs and giving this modern pendant lamp a sense of movement like the incredible dance moves of Tina Turner. It’s all customized, so besides the small shade on the center is lacquered a matte white, you can customize with any RAL color of your choosing. You can fix the Turner lamp in every room at your house creating the vintage art deco style to any of them.
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Turner Floor
Turner floor is a lighting design kind of piece that ideal for a hotel design project, a restaurant or a lounge to receive your guests like a modern lobby entrance. It will definitely impress them. Such as turner pendant, this lamp has five arcs made of brass and a semi-spherical top cover of aluminum lacquered in glossy white or any other RAL color of your choosing. This chair makes the perfect combination with a lounge chair or an elegant modern vintage sofa.
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Turner Table
Turner table is a large table lamp handmade in brass and aluminum. Its body has a gold plated finish and the shade was lacquered a black matte on the outside and a gold powder paint on the inside. Its five movables that can be rotated into your choices, allow you to create the best composition to fit your modern home decor. It’s perfect as a living room table lamp or on your office desk, giving the modern lighting design touch to them.
Iconic Lighting Design Meet The Turner Family! 3Turner Wall
Turner wall lamp is the last member of this family! Turner wall light features a small lampshade made of aluminum lacquered a matte white. As the rest of the family is all handmade in brass with a gold plated finish, adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to this unique wall sconce lighting. It’s also customizable which makes it so versatile to any wall, adding the mid-century style to any sideboard or entrance lighting.
All you need to know about this family: 100% handmade, five oval arcs, made of brass and aluminum, customizable, mid-century modern style, lighting design essential!


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