AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!

AY Design is a Russian design company that will make your interior décor’s dream come true! Continue scrolling to see the projects!

If you are a design lover, and if you like following the latest design trends, we are sure that you are willing to make a home redecoration! Or else, if you bought a house, and you need to fill it with your personality, AY Design’s company is the best solution for you!

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Alena Yudina is the founder and the CEO of the design company. For being a professional, she does not consider that she has the best taste, and that her team decision is the best option for the client. Each client has different tastes, different projects, and it is important to hear every single detail to make their design dreams come true.
AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!
When asked about her thoughts and conveys, she believes that a quote from one of her closest books, Turgrim Eggen ” Decorator. Redesign Book” is what sums up her daily basis and daily motto.
AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!


The design company, from the very first moment, determines which will be the cost of your project depending on the square meters the apartment has, and the payment can be done in 4 stages.
AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!
Each project includes several aspects such as a creative concept, at this stage, we are talking about a color, a style or an idea that the client wants; it also includes the Planning for 3 variants; the Furniture design; the selection of the building materials; the selection of the furniture, here the design company tries their best to select the best of the best; and more!
AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!
At the end, you’ll have a 3D visualization, where you’ll be able to see a photorealistic image based on the materials and products the client chose. This is an excelente idea, because if the client doesn’t like the result, there are still able to change a couple of things, without spending a lot of money, and time! And we all know that time is money! They also offer an album of drawings for implementation for the builders.
AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!
And all this detailed project is worth it! Look at these amazing projects in Moscow!
This is a great example! Usually, Russian taste tends to be classic, however this one is a classic … from the fifties! This mid-century living room is driving us crazy!
AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!
Everything, since the mid-century furniture, mid-century armchair, the wood floor, the modern twist with the brushed brass elements, and, of course, the suspension lighting piece – that is just the center of attention of the room – is chosen wisely!
AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!
The pale greenish blue wall absolutely enlighten the room!
AY Design: The Design Exactly As You Want!
The kitchen follows the same mid-century modern décor. The same idea, the same concept, the same color, the same beauty! It is perfect when we see that an entire home has a cohesive décor.
ay design
This is another project in Moscow. Here we can see a beautiful kitchen with the latest design trends. The geometric patterned tiles are taking us back to the fifties and sixties! The mid-century dining chairs and the table blend perfectly!


Industrial Suspension Lamps are very trendy nowadays, and this is a way of how you can be trendy, yet sophisticated and elegant!
However, enough of spoilers! We presented you one of the best companies in the field, and if you are looking for the best guidance on the market, don’t bother to contact AY Design! We are sure that you’ll have the design As You want!

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