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Special Maison et Objet Guide Tour, So You Don't Miss Anything!

If you are a design lover, you already have the days off! September is the month of new starts and the month of Maison et Objet 2018! We have the best guide for you!

Trade shows are very amusing, right? It’s the perfect combo between fun and work. Play hard, work hard, right? However, Maison et Objet is known for one of the most important design trade shows – and one of the biggest, by the way, and it’s easy to get lost inside the fair, and it’s also easy to miss a lot of things that you didn’t want to. So, we decided to sum up the most important localizations! Continue scrolling to see our Special Maison et Objet Guide Tour!

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Special Maison et Objet Guide Tour, So You Don't Miss Anything!
Maison et Objet is a very important and influential design French fair and it’ll happen from the 7th to the 11th of September. It’s the great opportunity to see the latest design events, to meet your favorite international well known brands, and of course, witness with your own eyes the emerging brands. The trade show is jut around the corner, and you have to select the things you first want to see!
It’s also a great time to see a diverse range of conferences for every taste! Maison et Objet has a lot to offer, since  the best objects and decorative accessories organized by product category, to the best decoration and home interior solutions organized by style.
With a total of 8 Halls, and a lot of square meters to stroll around, here are our best advices!

 OBJET – Halls 1 to 5A and 5B

maison et objet guide tour
If you are a chef or if you love cooking, Hall 1 and 2 will be the perfect choice for you! New tastes, new lifestyles, and everything from the kitchen to the table!
GOURMET GIFT is the place to find perfect presents for food aficionados and PARTY TIME is where traditional tableware manufacturers meet those who champion new ways of entertaining guests in style!
maison et objet guide tour
If you want to find something special for that special person, be cleaver and go to Hall 2 and 3 for Smart Gifts! Well-designed, aesthetically pleasing items: the new art of giving!
maison et objet guide tour
You’ll see the perfect combo between the freshest designs and the crafts that were forgotten for a lot of years!
maison et objet guide tour
Any fashion lovers reading this article? Grab your notebook and write Hall 4 in really big letters!
maison et objet guide tour
From bags to scarves, from jewelry to clothes, accessories, add a sense of fashion to our interiors.
maison et objet guide tour
For Home Accessories, Fragrances, and more, Halls 4, 5 and 6 are the ones!
maison et objet guide tour
Let your house be your home, and let it embody your personality through novelties, unique finds, and all the objects you need.

MAISON – Halls 5, 6, 7 and 8

If you love crafts, Hall 5A is going to be your Hall! Creativity is the word of this place.

You’ll have the chance to find the rarest products and meet the great talented manufacturers.

If you are a design lover and if you love all about décors and the latest design trends, believe us, Hall 6 and 7 are for you!

Vintage and Mid-century design are very in, and you cannot loose the opportunity to visit Essential Home and DeligthFULL’s booth in Hall 6, Stand N112 – O111.

You’ll have the change to see curated design, and incredible lighting design pieces… and everything is handmade and customizable!

If you are a wild soul, and want to live FOREVER, Halls 7 and 8 have to be your top choices!

Manufacturers of quality, luxury brands, and home fashion concepts: a world of timeless refinement, with elegance at its very core!

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