IMM Cologne 2019: Nordic Design By a Norwegian Perspective

IMM Cologne is not only an opportunity to see the novelties of the top design brands: it’s also a chance to be part of interesting conferences that speak about design nowadays.

IMM Cologne is considered the leading furnishing fair, and it gathers important design professionals, not only to find more about the design trends for 2019, but also to discuss about design. Minimalistic style is one of the top trends, and this time we bring you all that you need to know bout Nordic Design, seen by a Norwegian perspective.

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IMM Cologne 2019: Nordic Design By a Norwegian Perspective

“Picture the North. Rugged landscapes and clear blue waters, dramatic horizons reflected in breath-taking fjords. A place filled with talent and imaginations always ready to inspire new ideas in design”, Morten Skaerpe Knarum

IMM Cologne 2019: Nordic Design By a Norwegian Perspective
Scandinavian design, also known as Nordic design, has become huge in the past times. More and more, architects and interior designers are selecting the furniture and decorative pieces, based not only on their aesthetics, but also on their functionality. And why is it called Nordic Design? Look at the beautiful Norwegian Landscapes, for example. Strong contracts, clean lines and deep colors.
IMM Cologne 2019: Nordic Design By a Norwegian Perspective
Morten Knarim and Jonas Norheim are known for their marvelous work developed regarding nordic design. The two designers have a main goal: “The ability to bring social agendas into design, even enlisting the help of incarcerated men and women to manufacturer their Bake Me a Cake table lamp. In Nothern’s debut collection, they five full expression to their combined talents, designing multifunctional furniture, modular shelving and discreet lighting”.
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And this is everything that Nordic design is all about: clean lines, deep colors and contrasts and beautiful, versatile and simple lighting pieces. An easy trick to find out how you can manage to put a minimalistic room together is, for example: is this necessary? Is it going to have a function? Scandinavian design, actually, is about deconstructing concepts, and turning it more simple and functional. For example, a sofa can be both a sofa and a bed.
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This is exactly what Morten’s team is working on: seeing beyond the logical functionality, so the design piece can have a surprise factor. Morten has design this cabinet, inspired by the sixties, where the mini bars has mirrors inside, so it would reflect the beautiful bottles. They thought differently and created this cabinet that can be a design piece for your contemporary living room décor, and bam! It’s also a mini bar! They chose to put the mirror on the outside, so it would reflect the minimalistic décor.
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Nordic Design is keeping everything simple, and thinking twice about decisions that affects the environment. Natural materials, specially recycled, deep colors, clean lines, and aesthetics paire up with functionality.
Ike Chandelier is a great example of a Scandinavian Chandelier. Handmade in brass and aluminum, it’s totally customized, so you can choose the color, finish and size!

Galliano is also a minimalist lighting design piece that will serve perfect your Nordic design room!

Nordic Design is one of the top trends for 2019, and it reflects the important of design as a solution for the world’s main issues.

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